Sunday, September 15, 2013

iPhone apps from 1980


The Speak & Spell and Speak & Math belonged to my brothers and me and have been in "storage" in my parents' basement for more than 20 years.  (My brother, who was cleaning out the basement, and Rich may or may not insist that there is a genetic hoarding problem in our family.)  The Speak & Spell still works as does the Speak & Math but that one needs new batteries.  For the 5 seconds that the Speak & Math was working, it was spitting out math questions appropriate for the girls.


And then it died.  So I started thinking, how is this different from an iPhone app?  As a parent, it's an interesting subject to ponder.

The girls have been playing with the Speak & Spell here and there.  The main attraction, obviously, is that it's something new and different.  One difference between the S&S and an iPhone app is the unsophisticated technology.  The S&S is very, very limited.  I've assisted the girls for maybe 20 minutes this week as they've used it and the same words have been repeated multiple times.  Enough so that if they were to use this frequently, they would probably have those words memorized.

The other day, Emily told me that I need to buy 2 more so that they can each have one.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Allie has been asking for a desk for her bedroom and I think she would use it.  Eventually, I would like for the girls to each have desks in their rooms.  My brother also found this beauty in the basement.


I'm calling it vintage.  (These days, I feel like anything that is the least bit old is labeled "vintage." If my one leather Coach purse is considered "vintage," what does that say about me?)  Unfortunately, the desk and chair are in rough shape so I'm debating whether or not it would be worth the effort to try to fix it up.  For example, the seat to the chair would need to be removed, the pieces glued together, sanded, painted and then reattached.  My brother suggested    


On our drive to go apple picking yesterday, we practiced math questions.  We made up some games as well to add some fun to it instead of just firing off questions.  As I type this out, they are playing "Around the World" (a math game) with each other and their stuffed animals.  I've had the chance to chat with some of their friends' moms and it sounds like all the kids are behaving the same since school started.  TIRED.  I've slept in my own bed for three (or maybe four) nights in a row now.  That's a record for us.  


Anonymous said...

Do it,do it, do it. If you take the time to fix up the desk your wont regret it and neither will your daughter!

Anonymous said...

The desk is really cute, but the chair would need a lot of help. I second the Ikea suggestion or maybe Amazon for a chair.

Unknown said...

PLEASE fix up that desk for her! It would be such a treasure and...if you decide you don't want it...I want to be first on the list to buy it from you! Yes, I'm serious!

Jennifer said...

I had both of those when I was little :) they are probably out in my garage somewhere! I've thought several times about getting them out and using them in my classroom. (I teach 1st grade).

As for the desk! Fix it up! The chair might be a little too much work :(

I have several of those desks in my classroom....hmm. ;-)