Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bags, bracelets and boots

A few months ago, Emily began copying me.  If I wore a tank top to bed, she wore a tank top to bed.  If I wore flip flops, she wore flip flops.  If I wore shorts, she wore shorts.  It was actually really cute and sweet to watch her want to dress like me.  She decided to bring her big bag on this particular excursion because I was carrying my Jo Totes camera bag.


Bracelets are also a hot item these days.  Emily has taken to sometimes wearing hair elastics (not tight on her wrist) as bracelets.


And then there are the boots.  I can't even remember when I bought these.  I want to say that it was last spring - not this past spring, but the year before.  Kohl's was clearing out their winter footwear and I was able to find three pairs of fall/winter "dress" boots marked down to ridiculously low prices.  I guessed on the size, figuring that someone would be able to wear them.  Well, go figure, they're the perfect for Allie and Emily.  Anna's feet are about a size and a half smaller.  I made the mistake of pulling out the boxes hidden in the corner of Allie's closet about a month ago.  Well, Allie couldn't wait to wear this pair and has been wearing them every chance possible.  Emily has also been wearing her pair of red cowgirl boots quite frequently to school.



No boots but bunny in a bag.


I can't forget to mention the lip gloss and eye shadow.  Thankfully, the newness and thrill of wearing it has mostly worn off.


Yes, someday there will be three teenage girls in this house.


Anonymous said...

That last pic of (Emily?) is so cute. Love the nail polish.


Maydelin said...

this is a glimpse of what is coming!! a lot of bags, bracelets, boots, skirts... and on and on