Monday, August 5, 2013

What are we gonna do with all these carrots?

We've been bringing the girls to this petting zoo for four years now.  We found out about it from family, who brought their kids here more than 15 years ago.  I often refer to it as the feeding zoo because no one really pets the animals; you just feed them carrots and apples.  Last week, armed with carrots and eyeshadow, we headed off for an outing.  It was our first visit there this summer.

We were greeted with new signs.




(There were no grain machines.)

Now, if it's best for the animals, I'm okay with it.  It was a bit of a surprise and visiting the animals was definitely not as exciting.  (I think these are animals that have been rescued.) The girls thoroughly enjoyed the playground and spray table though so all's well that ends well.

This one cracks me up.








The Yarbrough's said...

aaaawwww man!! They ruined the fun. :/ It looks like ya'll still had a great time. I love that first picture. Too cute!!

Just the Tip said...

I guess something happened?

I was going to email you..our shared fear over breaks from falling so much..Peyton broke her wrist friday full arm cast =(
she just landed the wrong way and hit the washer.

Sarah said...

Oh, no! A broken wrist!!! Crap. I hope she's doing ok otherwise.

Judy Nussbaum said...

Hi! Huge fan of your blog. Love your updates. I have a 9mo at home.

Which lens did you use for these photos?

I currently have an 18-55mm and a 50mm (1.8)- Do you think I should pick up a 85mm?

Sarah said...

Hi Judy!

I actually used my 35mm(1.8) for these. I used my 85mm for the pictures of the girls with their make-up on in my previous post (the ones of Allie in the car were taken with my 35mm.)

I really, really like my 85mm - it's a great lens to have IMO.