Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sharks, jobs, life

I can't work on the blog post I wanted to tonight because I had an extra super crappy day at work and now I'm not in my zone so I'm going to babble instead.  Lucky you.

After more than a year of unemployment, Rich was offered a job he really wanted and began working this week.  I think it makes a difference if the job is something you want versus settling for something.  We've both had to take jobs in the past because we needed to pay the bills so this was a nice change.  Yes, there are still bills to be paid but I think it's different.  I'm really, really proud of him.

Have you been watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?  I have this odd fascination combined with irrational (maybe not) fear of sharks.  We live fairly close to Cape Cod and I've been saying for years and years and years that one day there'll be great whites at the Cape.  Just like Jaws.  There was a show on last night that was filmed down at the Cape last summer.  It was amazingly scary to watch.

We were able to spend a day down at the Cape last week and even though the beach we were at has not had any shark sightings, you won't catch me swimming out there.  I was watching people on the sandbar and thought that they were crazy.  I've been going to that beach since I was a little kid and I've swum out to the sandbar exactly one time.  I was either in high school or college and at least one of my brothers was with me.  I was okay on the way out there but on the way back, I had a freaking panic attack.  Never.  Again.    

(I hope to have our Cape day post up sometime this week.  I'm looking forward to editing those pictures.)

I want to end with a funny story about the girls.  They have three of the same exact tank top, just in three different colors.  Last night, they each picked one to wear today along with matching polka dot skirts.  Allie has choreographed a dance and is teaching it to Anna and Emily so that they can put on some type of a show.  Like I've said before, I don't know where they come up with half the stuff they come with but I love it.  They're awesome little kids.  

Good night!  (I hope I can sleep tonight.  Last night was terrible.  There was bed hopping and low flying helicopters and barking dogs and restless kids and WORK stuff on my mind.)      


The Yarbrough's said...

You should video the dance they do. That would be sooo cute...then you can show them when they get older. They'll think it's hilarious looking back at it.

Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight. Give it to God. {I know...easier said than done.}

Chantel said...

I laughed my head off at the Shark week commercial when it jumped up and ate the seal. We like shark week over here, too.

Teej said...

Congratulations to your husband! That's great news, and I am sure is well-deserved.

Ashlee said...

Congrats to Rich!!!