Friday, August 16, 2013


Last weekend, Rich ran the 7.1 mile Falmouth Road Race, raising $2,500 for the Spina Bifida Association.  The girls and I went along for the ride to cheer him on, just as we do every year.  Fortunately, Grammy was able to join us this year, which meant that I could go to the bathroom without dragging three kids in with me.  Yippee!  And I had help unloading and loading the van.  Yippee!  I've done it alone so I (and my back) do truly appreciate the help only a Grammy can give.

The day before the race, we purchased poster sheets and I helped the girls make signs to hold up during the race.  As we were packing up the van the morning of the race, I spotted Emily in the playroom crafting in a frantic manner.  She emerged with this...


which I photographed on our dashboard as we sat in traffic in Falmouth.  That's Cat.  Yes, a pink bunny named Cat.  The girls always refer to it as a he, as well.  I think it's safe to say that Emily earned a creative score of A+ for the day.

(Hanging out, waiting for Grams, who was on a bathroom break.  The line in DDs was no joke.)





Rich's mom and one of his sisters joined us along the race route.  My brother-in-law and nephew had been lucky enough to score two of those last minute lottery numbers.  The Falmouth Road Race always seems to be a family event for us.






Rich finished in just under an hour which I think is really great considering he didn't have much time to train and had been experiencing a bit of discomfort in his right leg.  I'm also super proud of him for trying to spread the word about spina bifida.  Prior to the race, he had contacted a few people in our town and the next thing we knew, he was invited to film a PSA for our local cable access channel.  So yes, everything is small town stuff but it still counts in my mind.  A lot of people in our town know about Anna and spina bifida and I think that's really important.

After the race, we all had lunch together before heading home.  We thankfully only hit race traffic, not Sunday afternoon traffic, leaving the Cape.  Rich asked me how the girls had behaved because during lunch, they were very well behaved.  I hadn't really thought about it as it was going on but they were REALLY awesome.  The only time I heard any complaints was on the drive home and that's somewhat typical for long drives.  Otherwise, they were great listeners, there was absolutely no button pushing and they appeared to have been entertained watching the runners and looking for Daddy and their uncle and cousin.


We'll be back next year, Falmouth!      


Anonymous said...

I love reading about the races you two do. My husband and I also run, but have done very few races since our twins were born! Good for you and Rich!
I have an off-topic question: what kind of Britax carseat do you have in these pictures? (I hope that's not too intrusive!) My twins are 5, but also very small, and I'm looking at the Britax Frontier (I'm in Canada so the name might be different in the US), because they could stay in a 5-point-harness for longer.
Do you like the carseats? Purchases like this always stress me out because if I pick something I hate, I now have two of them!!

Sarah said...

We do have the Britax Frontiers! I did a ton of research about a year ago and those seemed to be our best option. We really like them and haven't had any issues at all.

Lily said...

i love the carseat pictures!! they have the most beautiful hair.

Rhonda said...

pardon my ignorance with the names, but the one in the last picture with Cat, it looks like she's too tall for that Britax. It appears as if her head is higher than the shell. Maybe it's the perspective of the camera... Are the straps above her shoulders?

Sarah said...

Rhonda - those are the Britax Frontiers that can be used as 5pt harness and then as boosters. The back of that one just needs to be popped up, which is why it doesn't look as high as the others. Regardless, when she is sitting back into it, her head is still fine and yes, the straps are above her shoulders. The camera is down low and she is sitting forward - I hadn't yet tightened the straps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! We're going to try these carseats as well. Hopefully they will work for our small girls, who I think will be in carseats for years to come! Sarah (anon above)