Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cape Cod life

(Continued from my previous post)

We left the beach with the saltiness of the ocean covering our skin.  Attempts were made to wash the sand off the girls but the spray of the outdoor shower was too wide and therefore, ineffective.  I think we've now become experts at sand removal via alternative methods.



We had packed an early, light lunch so that we could enjoy an early dinner at one of our favorite seafood joints.  I'm not normally a seafood fan but the fish here is so fresh and so delicious.



I ordered from the kiddie menu and couldn't even eat all of it.


I love how the girls enjoy taking in new sights and there was quite a bit of activity in the harbor to keep everyone entertained.




I can't believe it is almost mid-August.  Discussions and plans regarding school have already begun and it just seems too soon.  Although, I do think being back in school will be good for the girls.  


Jamie said...

Please share your alternate methods to sand removal with us! I have multiples as well and we visit our local river...could use some ideas! Your little Anna is such an inspiration to us. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Jamie - sometimes we just use our hands and towels but baby powder does wonders for sand removal.

Mrs. Oat said...

My cousin was a bartender and server at Baxter's for several summers. Glad you enjoyed a visit there! :)

Christi said...

I love Baxters! Haven't been in quite a while. I am sad that we're quickly running out of summer weekends!

Pink Apple Rose Boutique said...

I love using baby powder to remove sand! Works best for my girl with sensitive skin.

kdliberty said...

School has already started in this part of the country (middle of nowhere, Tennessee). I was just wondering the other day where summer went,