Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cleaning up and cleaning out

Time to catch up and shift gears with a "boring" day-to-day post.  We brought the girls to the world's shortest parade, which was a shame, on Memorial Day and then one of Anna's classmates came over for a lunch play date. That afternoon, I was finally able to start organizing and cleaning up the bedrooms.  I had delayed cleaning out the girls' closets because the weather had been so unstable and long sleeves were still very much in need.  I finally decided that enough was enough.

I usually start in Allie's room because that's where the pile of outgrown clothes is located.  The girls recently discovered sticky notes and I found these scattered throughout Allie's room.


(That's a microphone.)



When warm weather finally hit and we pulled out the basket of shorts, this is what the girls were wearing.


They still fit but were a little bit too short.  No wonder....


That's 24 months, 24 months and 2T  Those were promptly thrown on top of the ever expanding give-away pile.


Emily and I filled three kitchen trash bags full of clothes.  My next goal is to organize all the hair supplies.  When you have three girls and a grammy who makes bows, barrettes and headbands, you quickly end up with hair stuff everywhere.



I've been searching pinterest and the internet for ideas and I think I finally thought of something that will work.  I haven't tried it out yet but if it works, I'll post pictures.  Grammy made some of these for the girls' headbands.  Keeping headbands on it is another story...


Coming up (hopefully, this week) - the girls' dance recital, gymnastics stuff and NKOTB.  


Anonymous said...

Grammy's headbands are adorable!!!

Stef said...

We were gifted a clip holder. It is essentially a long, thick piece of ribbon with a loop at the end to hang up on a wall or door. With your sewing skills you could probably rig up plenty of those with supplies you already own :)