Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring cleaning and skirts

I noticed this week that the sun's been sitting higher in the sky; it's rays have felt stronger, warmer.  Spring will be here soon and we'll finally be free of winter jackets and runny noses.  And hopefully, the random patches of snow that just won't melt.  I can't be the only one who feels the urge to purge this time of year.  A bit of spring cleaning.  In our home, we wear clothes until they no longer fit properly or they fall apart.  Rich doesn't always follow along with my rules of "frugality"though.  It's become quite apparent over the past month that the girls' closets need to be cleaned out.  There are plenty of size 4 dresses, shirts and pajamas that need to be packed up and passed along to cousins.  

It may also be time to retire Em's brown skirt.  It's a size 2T and the fabric is starting to fade from years or wear and wash.    

November 2010


August 2012


My side of the closet is in need of a good purge.  Many items are long past their expiration date or were post-triplet purchases that are now too big.  I've delayed cleaning it out because I'm afraid it will be near empty once I do.  I know - ridiculous.


I made this prairie skirt as part of a birthday gift for one of Anna's classmates.  She's also in the girls' dance class.


I think these skirts are so adorable, especially when worn with a tank top, and comfortable in the summer.


Maryland Sport Clubs said...

That skirt is beautiful! I wish I had the patience to learn how to use my sewing machine.

Christi said...

That's one lucky little girl to get a SarahJaneTriple original skirt for her birthday!

Stacy said...

I LOVE these skirts that you keep making. My mom is retiring ... oh as of tomorrow. I keep sending her links to your blog and telling her I want her to make my daughter one of these skirts. She would love them. She is into Hello Kitty these days. I might have to look for that material. Although I think she would like any of the ones you make.

Gretch said...

Such a cute skirt for a lucky little girl. My girls would be in love!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love that skirt! I wish I could sew. Love the bunny photo from a few years ago - how little they look - adorable!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I would so love for the girls to receive something like that as a birthday present! It's adorable...and the thought behind it is wonderful. :)

[I'm typing as I should be spring cleaning myself...nap time won't last forever!]

Sarah said...

Thank you! It seems like everyone loves Hello Kitty - doesn't it? Joann has a ton of HK fabric. They had one that was super cute - HK dressed like a bee. I didn't see it until I was leaving and I didn't have time to go back to have some cut.

Ami said...

How cute to see how much she's grown! The skirt that was once so long, suddenly not so much! I LOVE the pattern!! I'm eternally jealous and impressed with your talents!! Your girls are SO lucky to have such a handy mom!

Belinda said...

I sure wish I knew how to sew! My girls would look so cute in all of the things you sew. They are all so cute!

Lisa H said...

I love the items you sew, too. Would you be willing to sell them on here if you're planning on getting rid of them? I'm pregnant right now (we find out next month if it's a boy or girl) and if we're having a girl I'd love to take some of your used clothing off your hands. Or, alternatively, if you already sell them on ebay, will you please post the link(s)?

Sarah said...

Thanks, Lisa. So far, I haven't resold anything. But if I did, I would post it here.