Monday, March 25, 2013

Restart: 5K plan with new sneaks

Over the weekend, I came across my running journal from 2002 on a bookshelf stocked with office supplies and photos in the basement.  I flipped it open and took a few moments to lament the loss of my athletic ability, as tiny as it was, and my abs.  The girls' chatter reminded me that what I have now is so much more important and there's always time to change.    

After what was supposed to be only a week or two of rest for my leg, I began running again a little over two weeks ago.  This time with new sneakers.  I'd always run with Asics or Saucony but my last pair were Nikes.  I had picked them up at the outlet store after asking a clerk which ones were best for flat feet.  Not the best way to purchase sneakers, by the way.  They were different from all the other running shoes I've worn and I thought I liked them at first but the more I ran in them, the more I realized that the negatives weren't going to change.  They were very stiff and never "broke in" like I thought they would. Plus, they were pressing against my arch, or where my arch should be.

Because of the issues I'd been having with my leg (and the fact that he hated my Nikes), Rich suggested that I have someone fit me for new shoes.  We visited Marathon Sports and they were fantastic.  If you're new to running or just don't know if you're wearing the appropriate shoes, I highly suggest doing this.  The only downside is that you will probably pay a bit more for your shoes.  The Sauconys that I purchased cost the same online so it's not necessarily a matter of the store bumping up the price.  It's the fact that they are selling you the latest and greatest.
How exactly does this shoe fitting work?  You'll be asked questions about your running and injury history.  The specialist will observe you walking barefoot and then give you some shoes to try on.  I started with an Asics on my right foot and a Brooks on my left foot.  The Brooks immediately was a no go.  That was replaced with a Saucony.  You want the shoe that doesn't feel like you are wearing a shoe.  For me, that was the Saucony.

So I've decided to scrap following the C25K.  I can see the benefits in building endurance for someone who hasn't been active but I'm not coming from a couch.  The walk/run intervals weren't challenging at all (I had started at week 4) and I know that overachieving is my downfall sometimes but I realized that I needed another training program.  I'm going to start Hal Higdon's 5K novice (sob) program this week.  That 5K I want to run is in two months so that gives me just enough time.    


Jeannie Bruce said...

I love my Sauconys, I have lots of Ankle and Foot problems and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I recommend them to everyone I meet.

Mel said...

Agreed on the Sauconys! They have been my fav running shoes for years - great choice!


Ellis said...

This is not about running (except that I also have flat feet and love the Sauconys), but my husband and I are taking our son to Disney World in a few days (2 and a half!!!) and I wanted to let you know how helpful your Disney posts were to me. We are chaperoning a group who will be in the Easter Parade on Saturday and Sunday, and then we are staying a few extra days with our almost-3-year-old son.

Here is a link to the group that we're chaperoning: It's worth a look just to see the girls' outfits- it is an ambassador program for our city (Mobile, AL- the deep south) and the 50 girls are selected from hundreds of applicants. They each get to design their own antebellum style dress. They have been in the Easter parade at Disney for the past 35 years or so. We get to go backstage and into the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom. My husband and I are in charge of the group this year.

Sorry for the totally random comment! I've read for a long time but not commented before. Have a good day!!

Christi said...

I have Sauconys too. Got them at Rhode Runner in Providence with the same type of fitting session you described. I use them on the treadmill when I want a little more cushioning.

I've since moved to New Balance minimals. Helps me feel the ground to keep my mechanics in check.

My 5K is in 2 weeks. I'm not prepared but I'm just going to do my best. I actually think I can do it non-stop if I just don't psyche myself out!!

Sarah said...

A lot of Saucony wearers! Rich wears them too. We miss the outlet store.

Christi - I can't wait to read your race report. Doing your best is the best you can do.

Sarah said...

Ellis - Random comments are good. That sounds like an amazing experience and opportunity. My girls would love those dresses. Have fun!!

Stacey L. said...

I have never ran before, but I am starting too and I have really flat feet. Thanks for the advice.

Zoe said...

Good luck with the run!