Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I was attempting to photograph the girls on the balance beams through a dirty window a few weeks ago.  The coach instructing them looked at me and then walked over to the window.  I feared that she was going to pull down the blinds and reprimand me for distracting the kids.  Instead, she opened the door and invited me into the gym to take some photos.  Have I mentioned how much I like these coaches?  They are super nice and work so well with the girls.

I should also mention that, unlike last year, the moms in the parent room are awesome.  Everyone is really nice and no one gives me dirty looks when I whip out my camera.







So, yeah, turning the camera the other way would have yielded better photos.  I was shooting with my 85mm lens and a bit surprised to have been invited into the gym so I spazzed.


Jess said...

Ok, the belly on your little one in the second picture totally made me giggle!!

Lily said...

That gym is so clean! And those pictures are perfect...I like how they're trying so hard to stay focused with you there