Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catching up...

I think I may be experiencing a midlife crisis.  Certain aspects of my life (not family related) feel unsettled, which in turn leaves me unable to focus on tasks.  Well, it's either a midlife crisis or I'm simply burnt out.  I am at the appropriate age for the former though.

There was more that I wanted to include in my last post but I was distracted with the election and hit publish before thinking it all the way through.  Allie has been shining at gymnastics and just absolutely loves it.  Back in September, during the third or so class, another mom was standing near me observing all of the girls.  Someone had come with her and I overheard the mom whispering that there were triplets in the class and that they were really good.  My heart smiled because she didn't exclude Anna.

A few of the moms have commented to me on Allie's skills and one day several of us were watching when she landed a cartwheel on a balance beam (on the floor, but still!)  I believe the only other kindergartner is R who attends school with the girls.  She's good too and I often chat with her mom.  Who knows, maybe Allie and R will move up in levels together.  That would be nice.

In keeping with my non-contemporaneous (and several subjects in one post) style of blogging, let's discuss Halloween.



The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, which is what Halloween is all about, in my opinion.  My youngest brother and sister-in-law brought their two girls over to join us for trick or treating as they live on a country road with no sidewalks and houses set far apart.  My girls were so much more independent than last year.  They climbed steps, rang doorbells and peered in windows with little to no assistance.




And Elmo dressed up as a ballerina and joined us!


Anna woke up barking like a seal the next morning.  She had briefly lost her voice earlier in the week but hadn't appeared to be sick.  Rich brought her to the pediatrician where she was diagnosed with a very, very minor case of the croup.  It didn't really knock her down much at all but she wanted me to sleep with her because she was "sick." (She was really only coughing at night.)  I woke up in the middle of the night and puked.  I have some weird stomach issues so if I puke in the middle of the night, I know that it doesn't necessarily mean that I am ill.  Except on this night, I was FREEZING and could not stop shaking.

Anna woke up around 3:30 and said, "I feel like I need to use the bathroom."  She can't use the bathroom like you or I do so that was an odd statement for her to make.  I asked her what she wanted me to do.  "DO MY PEE!"  Okay, okay.  I started to set up the cath stuff and felt like puking again.

"Anna, Mommy needs to go throw up and then I'll cath you.  Okay?  I'll be right back."

After I puked and cathed Anna, I decided to check on Rich because I found it hard to believe that he had slept through all of that.  He hadn't but he was also sick, which is why he hadn't offered to assist me.  Friday was really tough and at almost a week later, I still don't feel 100%.  I have no idea what we had (Grammy had a mild version of it too but she was at her house that day) but all three adults came down with it at the same time and no one else has been sick with similar symptoms.  It definitely wasn't a stomach virus or food poisoning.  Tis the season, I suppose.

A nor'easter blew through here yesterday .  The winter wonderland that greeted us this morning looked pretty but it's cold out there.  I can't believe that I'm dressing in full winter gear and it's only early November.  Around this time each year, I state that I won't be able to survive my commute through another winter season.  But I do.  It's the 10 minute walk through wind tunnels that will rip an umbrella right out of your hand that does me in.


Jessica Gehman said...

You are not the only one that attempts to give up each year. Usually in November/December I beg Kevin to move further south. It hasn't worked yet, but that doesn't seem to stop me from asking!

Jilly said...

So if the girls were not actually getting sick, I wonder what Anna was feeling to make her say that. Anyway, can't get over how adorable the trick-or-treating photos are. If I tried that I'd just get a shot of a bunch of people standing around with their backs to me, but yours look like they're telling a story.

Maria Land said...

Hey there,

somehow I feel like I ought to leave a comment today.

You probably don't know: your blog is one of my absolute favourites! Why? Because though your life is not easy you do take the challenges ahead with a smile (or a smirk) most of the time and appear to be a real person. Not the internet version of some fake model/mom.

Your cute girls really do light up my day with their adventures in life.

Thank you for writing, even though there are a million other things on your plate.

Best withes from across the ocean

Wendy said...

I hope you guys are feeling better.

We live in the midwest and we always talk about moving somewhere warmer!!!

Sarah said...

Maria - thank you for the kind comment. That was nice to read this morning.

Jilly - she can feel when her bladder is full but can't control the muscles to empty it on her own. She usually just asks us to cath her - she must have been half asleep when she said that.

I would love to move to south too but that won't happen until I retire. I will definitely be spending winters in FL at some point!

Anonymous said...

We had the snow storm hit to (long island) and everything is a mess. The roads are terrible, the schools just opened today (well most of them) after being closed for 2 weeks, and many people still don't have power. Hope this is not true by you.

Sarah said...

Anon - Oh my goodness. I didn't realize that Long Island was still in such bad shape. I'm sorry to hear that. The storm here was terrible to be out in but once it blew through, everything was back to normal. NY and NJ need a break.

Courtney said...

That snowstorm was RIDICULOUS! It totally came out of the blue. We were running around PVD getting our dossier ready to ship (back and forth between state offices) and when we left there was already over an inch on the ground. Of course, by the time we got back to NPT there was just a little rain, but the bridge was closed due to high winds. So not ready for the snow - I hope this is not a precursor of the winter New England is going to face :/