Monday, October 22, 2012

On being an identical triplet

Story from Allie

When the teacher brought me to the bathroom today, this girl in the bathroom kept saying, "Hi, Anna."  I didn't say anything because I didn't know who she was.  She kept trying to talk to me so finally the teacher asked me if I knew her.  I said, "No."  The girl asked the teacher what my name was and the teacher said, "It's Allie," and the girl finally stopped talking to me.

Teachers are required to walk the kindergarteners to and from the bathroom while the older kids can find their own way.  Allie, who is the most outgoing of my three, is so shy that she wouldn't even talk to this little girl.  Come on, Allie!

From Anna

There is a girl in Anna's class who was in Allie's preschool class.  When asked who her friends are in class, Anna always tells us how she plays with this girl.  One day, Anna added, "But sometimes she calls me Allie."

Me - "Well, do you tell her that your name is Anna."

Anna - "No."

Me - "Does she ever call you Anna?"

Anna - "Maybe sometimes."

Rich and I both laughed about this later on.  We probably shouldn't find it funny but does this girl think that Anna is Allie?  And the fact that Anna won't just say that she is Anna.  Come on, Anna!

In General

The girls must know that they look alike.  They often joke with family and their dance instructor by pretending to be one of their sisters.  But when I ask them if they look alike, they say that they don't.  Emily and Anna were standing next to each other in front of a mirror the other night and told me, "We don't look alike at all."  


Lily said...

Soooo funny! They must keep you laughing all the time!!!

Maydelin said...

too funny

Frances said...

oh my goodness this was hilarious i just read it out-loud to eddie! your girls are so precious!

pyjammy pam said...

Funny, but ugh. This part is hard. But funny.

Cindy said...

This I find so interesting, how the girls view themselves vs. how the world sees them. I love that they are individuals and it's so endearing that they are so shy that they won't correct other kids. Come on Girls!

Anonymous said...

I loved your post. I'm an identical twin and was reminded of my own school experiences. For some reason a lot of identical multiples (myself included) don't see other identicals as "identical" as the rest of the world does. To us we see similar features, but not much beyond what 'singleton' siblings would look like together. (different face shapes, eyes, posture, hair growth direction... basically all of the little things that mom's see to tell their multiples apart.


Crazy Crunchy Chocolate Mummy said...

This made me giggle! Your girls are precious!

Pink Apple Rose Boutique said...

I love these stories. :) Kids are so cute. It's wonderful to read that they know they are different people. I see differences in the girl's faces.

Wendy said...

It's funny because after we finally met and saw the girls IRL, they really don't look a lot a like! In photos they look really, really identical but I feel like if you've seen them with one another, it's not THAT hard to figure out!
M&L say they don't look alike, but they acknowledge that they have the same hair, skin, eyes..."but we wear different shirts"

Stacey L. said...

My twin girls are fraternal and look nothing alike, yet strangers and even some family members claim they look alike. The other night one of my girls told the other, "we aren't twins cause twins match and your hair isn't brown" and the little one started to cry, so we looked up pics of twins on the internet to see that some twins look alike and some don't. It's cute your girls think they don't look alike.

Anonymous said...

We have identical twins who call eachother ugly all the time :p

Rachel said...

Did you ever get them DNA tested to know that they are identical? The older they get, the more different they look to me, enough that some pictures make me wonder if it isn't just family resemblance that makes them look similar.

Sarah said...

Rachel - Never had their DNA tested and don't plan to. They shared a placenta, which was tested and confirmed that it was only 1 placenta. Only identicals share a placenta. Sometimes placentas may fuse together and appear to be one on an u/s but this was definitely 1. In addition, they were all in 1 sac with only had very thin membranes between them - which happens with identicals.

Identicals aren't completely identical. My girls do have the same hair, same toes, same toenails and same fingernails.