Sunday, October 21, 2012

Macro and portraits

I feel like photography has slipped away from me a bit these past six months or so.  It's still a passion of mine but I haven't been photographing outside my comfort zone.  As a photographer, you should constantly learn and grow and I've been hanging out on a plateau of sorts.

A few weeks ago, I dusted off my 105mm, f/2.8 lens and set off in search of subjects.  When I added this lens to my equipment, I knew that it wouldn't be used as an everyday lens but that 35mm had been sitting pretty on my camera for far too long.


105mm, f/5, ISO 320, 1/60, natural light




105mm, f/4, ISO 500, 1/60, natural light


I've always been somewhat indifferent when it comes to macro photography.  Yeah, there are some cool macro photos out there but aside from babies and wedding rings, I've never had the desire to be a macro photographer.  Until I went to retrieve the mail and spotted this guy on our front steps.


105mm, f/5.6, ISO 320, 1/250, natural light

I'm not exactly sure why but I am oddly obsessed with that photo.

Here are some others from this past week -




And I'll end with two portraits of Emily, who was my only willing participant on this particular day.  Yes, she is wearing lip gloss.  She asks to wear it about once a month and then wipes it off a few minutes later.  These were taken with my 85mm lens.  She is sitting in a chair facing an open door, which was my natural light source and the light you see reflected in her eyes.

85mm, f/4.5, ISO 500, 1/50


That shutter speed is too slow for my hands so I bumped up the ISO, which allowed me to use a faster shutter speed.

85mm, f/4.5, ISO 800, 1/125  


My photos aren't perfect but I'm happy with the progress I've made over the years.  The best advice I've read for new photographers is to find your own style.  I repeat that advice here because it is so true.  Stay away from trends.  I remember taking pictures on a tilt because everyone else was doing it.  It didn't look right to me but everyone was doing it.  I've learned to walk away from the trends and to follow what looks right to me.


Sarah said...

WOW! that little guy on your porch makes for a fantastic photo. His eyes look like he is in charge! His colors are an interesting blend. That is really a super photo. the girls' eyelashes are all captured this way so well. Thank you for sharing your photography journey as well.

Laurie said...

Sarah, you have a beautiful photographic style! My favorite is that photo of Anna - so sweet.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

They're all just beautiful!!! And now I want a macro lens ;)

Jennifer said...

All of your pictures are amazing but those last two of Emily took my breath away!!!


The bug pic is pretty cute too :o)


Anonymous said...


Erin said...

Hi Sarah, I've been reading your blog since just a few months after you started it, and your stories about Abby always literally bring me to tears. I've even left you a few comments over the years (but mostly lurked). I knew your blog impacted me but didn't know just how much until I lost my baby last month. She lived to be 10 1/2 weeks old, but never came home from the hospital. She had some type of early onset epilepsy, the cause of which is still unknown (autopsy results pending). Through the last few months, on several occasions I would recall certian things I remembered reading on here (explaining to the kids, dealing with not knowing what happened), and they helped me in some ways. Just want to be sure you know that your oppenness makes a difference in the world. I remember some of your posts on comments your girls have made, and its helped me in discussing with my other kids (they are 4 and 5, irish twins and your girls are right smack in the middle of them ages). Just want to say thank you for all your posts.

Erin said...

Their ages! I'm from the south but I still know grammar! LOL

Sarah said...

Erin - I am so very sorry. It all seems so unfair - doesn't it? Your comment left tears in my eyes. I started to read it to my mom and couldn't. Thank you for sharing.

Rhonda said...

That's an amazing shot of the grasshopper! I love the macro shots. Most of my photos are macro because they tend to "turn out the best" in my opinion! Jealous of your camera and your mean skills!!

TAB said...

I'd be obsessed with that grasshopper pic too! It's fantastic.
Love all the macro pics! Very nice! Keep em coming.

Eileen Ward said...

I love your grasshopper picture! It's amazing!