Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day Two: Epcot (part 3 of 3)

We had decided to walk back into Epcot for dinner.  Of course, we needed Allie to be doing okay for that to happen.  It took her awhile to wake up.



If you are searching for that secret entrance into the Beach Club, look for this walkway.


Aside from dinner, we didn't really have any definite plans for the remainder of our evening.  I had suggested La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico for the adults but we weren't too sure on how the kids would feel about the food.  We thought it would be a good idea for us to pick up some kid-type food from Electric Umbrella and bring it with us to Mexico.  But first we stopped at an extremely large gift shop as I had promised the girls that they could each pick out a souvenir.  They each chose a new buddy (known as stuffed animals to most.)

Our experience in ordering food at Electric Umbrella was so painful that I have renamed the restaurant The Not So Electric Umbrella.  There was absolutely no line and we were able to walk right up and place our order.  But then it took FOREVER for someone behind the counter to even acknowledge that we were there.  And then it took FOREVER for them to gather up our order.  And then it took FOREVER (a freight elevator was involved) to find bags for us to pack up our food.

When you order a quick service meal using the dining plan, you are entitled to one beverage, one entree and one dessert.  You have to watch this because more than once, I had to mention that we should be receiving a dessert.  Okay, so it only happened two or three times but still.  Imagine two kids getting a cookie and the third one doesn't.

On the bright side, we scored a great table at La Cantina.


And the food there was yummy, especially the churros.


On our walk over to La Cantina, the girls had spotted the Duffy meet and greet.  I promised them that we would return after we ate.  I was keeping my fingers crossed because he was only scheduled to be out for another hour or so and I didn't want the girls to be disappointed.  Lucky for us, the line was fairly short and we ended up in line with plenty of time to spare.

The girls list this meet and greet as one of their favorites.  As we approached the front of the line, the handler (CM who is kind of like security for the character) told us that Duffy needed to take a break but would be back in a few minutes.  When this happens, I usually tell the girls that the character needed to take a potty break.  While we were waiting, Anna said to me, "It sure is taking him a long time to go to the bathroom.  Maybe he's pooping."

We had moved the strollers to the exit walkway, which is where Duffy re-entered the meet and greet area.  Much to the girls' delight, he attempted to sit in one of the strollers and then he picked up Anna's new Minnie and gave her a kiss.





After Duffy, we ran into Mary Poppins.


The girls' ability to interact with the characters was noticeably different from our previous trip.  They still wouldn't say much (or say it very loudly) but they weren't hesitant like they had been.


Unfortunately, we didn't spend much time exploring Epcot.  It was getting late (and by late, I'm talking about those of us who have kids with a bedtime of 7:30) and we wanted the girls to be in bed at a decent time.


So the girls insisted on bringing dolls and buddies to Florida with us.  While it was a hassle transporting them in and out of hotel rooms (ahem, Emily! and Dog Gone), the girls really do play with them so I hate to complain.  On this night, Allie and Anna told me that they were pregnant - Anna with an "active 3 month old" and Allie with triplets.


Here is Emily delivering Anna's "active 3 month old."  Anna was fake yelling, "Doctor, his feet are sticking out!"


I was very happy to see Allie playing with her sisters.  When you have kids, you judge how they feel based upon whether or not they are playing and eating.  Allie still seemed a bit sick but she was doing okay and I was more optimistic than concerned.  At this point, we assumed she had a virus that would possibly bother her for another day or so.  We had big plans for the next day and I was hoping that a good night of sleep would help her feel better.


Christa said...

When do the girls start kindergarten?

Sarah said...

Christa - they started a few weeks ago.

Miss Rachel said...

I am loving these recaps! You are such a great writer, and I'll never get sick of pictures of those three beautiful little girls. I'm going to send these to my SIL, who is taking her three kids (2,4 and 6) to Disney in October!

B. said...

Sarah: We want to plan a Disney trip for our little guys...what age do you think is ideal for a first(maybe only) trip? They are 2 1/2 now. I love reading about your vacation...the challenges and the fun.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Miss Rachel!

B - The girls were 3.5 years old for their first trip and there was plenty to see and do. It was definitely a different experience this time around - they were more involved. If you think you may only go once, I would wait until they are 4 - 5.

Melissa said...

I have never heard of Duffy, who is that?

Sarah said...

Duffy is Mickey's teddy bear. He's a newish character.

Kaity Storer said...

Do you ever post on the disboards? They're pretty cool and I'm sure you would have a ton of awesome advice for people on them!

Teej said...

Picture k is hilarious. Anna's expression is priceless.

Ashlee said...

I love that you broke day 2 into three posts! Keep them coming!

B. said...

Thanks for your help!

valentines teddy bear said...
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