Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day Two: Epcot (continued)

Allie had been complaining of feeling cold in places that were definitely not cold all morning so we knew that she was still running a fever.  When we returned to our rooms, she crawled into bed and promptly fell fast asleep.


Balcony view


Sad view


Grammy offered to stay with Allie while Rich and I brought Anna and Emily to the pool.  We needed some items from the minivan so I headed there first (with my camera) while the others took off for the pool.  Here's a little bit of a walking tour for you.

Front of the resort.


Other side of the front of the resort.  Straight ahead is the lobby.  Behind me was Crescent Lake and the walkway you see in my balcony view photos.


The pools!





I found these two in the kiddie sand-bottom pool area.


The water was very shallow - well under 3 feet deep.  More like 2 - 2.5 feet deep.  The girls liked swimming there but the pool with the little water slide was preferred.


Anna wasn't too happy when these guys showed up.


Ahhhh, he's going to eat Emily's flip flops.


View of the Boardwalk area from across Crescent Lake.


And here's Grammy holding Allie on the balcony to one of our rooms.


On my way back to the room, I had called Grammy and asked her to wake up Allie.  Although she needed sleep, I feared that a monster nap would result in her not falling asleep at bedtime that night.  And we had allowed her to take a fairly decent nap.  She wasn't happy to have been awakened.

~ To be continued.  (One more installment of Day Two to come.)


Wendy said...

Aw :( Poor Allie :( Is there anything worse than being sick at Disney? Poor muffin.

Sarah said...

I know, Wendy. Although - I can think of something worse. If Elmo was lost.

Stacey L. said...

I live about 45 min from Disneyland and we go a lot, but don't stay there. My parents came in from out of town and we stayed with them at the resort and my daughter woke up throwing up in the middle of the night. I called room service to bring extra towels and sheets and they were so nice. They sent her up a balloon and some a picture of Mickey. She tells me all the time, "I wanna be sick with Mickey again."