Monday, July 30, 2012

Little kids

I have a ton of photos to sort through and edit but time I would normally use for blogging has become sewing time.  I finished Em's Belle dress and, meh, I'm not thrilled with the bottom but lesson learned for next time.  It's fine and she's happy with it.  Hopefully, I'll be able to wrap up my first Cinderella "blue" dress tonight.  Allie has already claimed that one. 

And which princess dresses will Anna be wearing?  Anna changes her mind quite often so I've already heard Sleeping Beauty (blue or pink, Anna?), Cinderella's blue dress, Cinderella's pink dress, Cinderella's rags dress, Jasmine, Ariel and Rapunzel.  Sigh.  I'm thinking of making three Rapunzels and having the girls met Rapunzel with the dresses on before dinner at the Castle.  We shall see.

When Grammy lost an earring in our home last week, I told her not to worry because I was sure it would turn up in the couch cushions.  Once someone actually got around to taking them off of the couch.  Last night, I was cathing Anna in my bedroom.  Emily went into Anna's room to put something away and screamed.  It was a happy scream not an I just saw a bug scream.


"What is it, Emmy?"

"I just found Grammy's missing earring."

"You did?  Where?"  I had been in and out of Anna's room several times over the weekend and I hadn't seen any missing earring.

"At the end of Anna's bed."

"Anna?  Did you know Grammy's earring was in your bed?"

Anna:  As nonchalant as can be.  "Oh, yes.  I found it the other night and slept holding it.  I thought about telling Grammy at Maggie's party but I forgot to."

Whenever I see different things pop up on the internet, I contemplate writing blog posts on what I've learned as a parent over the past 5+ years.  For example, you don't need to read 100+ parenting books.  Your kids will be just fine.  I have triplets.  I didn't have time for a developmental routine for my babies when they were 3 months old.  And you know what?  Yes.  They have turned out just fine.

I don't think my kids are picky eaters.  Slightly picky, maybe.  We always offer fruits and vegetables and do require them to eat some.  And for the most part they do so without a fight.  Allie and Emily (oddly enough) are obsessed with tuna fish.  They ask for it almost everyday but in order to keep them from getting mercury poison, they are only allowed to eat it twice a week.

They like to eat veggies dipped in ranch dressing, which is fine because they need to fatten up.  Our tomato plant has finally given us a red tomato and last night, Allie and Em asked to try some of it.  They ate it and liked it.  (No dressing required.)  Emily and Anna have been eating meatball sandwiches.  Anna is still the only one who will eat peanut butter.

I don't know if this is true of all kids but mine are definitely showing more curiosity and willingness to try different foods as they grow older.  We still have days where they attempt to eat 5 cookies for dessert but overall, we are making progress.  I have to say that recovering from a "failure to thrive" diagnosis was a little difficult.  We went through many months of allowing the girls to consume whatever because they needed to gain weight.  Of course, this slightly backfired when all they wanted to eat was ice cream.  We're over it now and everyone is just fine.      


Siné said...

I totally get the recovering from FTT diagnosis. I am constantly trying to balance not setting my son up for a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits and fattening him up. Any tips on that front from a been there done that mom is definitely appreciated.

Cindy said...

Cute earring story - I love Anna's choice of words.

I agree with not needing parenting books and development routines We have one really picky eater who won't eat any fruit or veggie. We offer it every meal and she must taste it. It always gets spit out quite dramatically. She just turned 4 and finally, she swallowed a green bean. I can't describe the cheering that went on in our dining room that night. My 8 y/o is really into trying new foods. I think as they get older, they do open up more to new things. It's fun. But for the record, every meal, we hear "eww, that's disgusting" before they even try it. AAAAHHHH!

Miss Rachel said...

I love when I know what blogs you're referring to in your posts :) All so true!

BreezieGirl said...

"This is just great!" Love it. :)

I saw this on another blog today and instantly thought of you: said...

Although I'll continue reading parenting books :), I agree that they're totally unneccesary! I think parenting books and philosophies try too much to tell you that there's only one 'right' way to parent - and it's just not true.

Sarah said...

Sine - It takes time. For awhile, the girls would pick at their dinner and then try to eat just dessert. I would tell them that if they were so hungry, they should have eaten their dinner. I won't deny them food so then we would turn to yogurt, etc instead of cookies. They now know that they are limited at dessert time. They know what they can have and they know that that's it so they eat their meals now instead of trying to fill up on crap after the fact.

BreezieGirl - that was too funny.

Rachel - stuff like that drives me insane b/c new moms are going to think that they have to do this or their babies aren't going to develop.

Miss Rachel said...

That's why I'm so glad you're around to keep things real!

Kerry Louise said...

Hi, great post!
I am a new follower and look forward to reading more.

Ann said...

Hi! I went to a Princess lunch at Cinderella's castle with my niece in April, and she dressed up like Rapunzel. Not sure if it matters to your girls, but Rapunzel wasn't at the lunch - just Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Ariel (I guess Disney considers these ladies their "old school" princesses.)