Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Events and happenings

Last week, Rich completed the first of two summer sessions for his MBA.  He had four classes remaining but was unable to squeeze all four into that session, which is condensed to seven weeks.  So he registered for three classes and, well, it was a lot of work.  He was in class every night Monday through Thursday in addition to a class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  We all survived and now he only has one class left! 

I'm really proud of him for pushing through this.

Monday night, Rich and I were able to celebrate with a date night.  He picked me up from work and we slowly made our way over to Fenway Park to watch a Red Sox game.  Now, I'm not really a sports fan but I'll watch a game or two and actually being at the ball field is different than sitting on your sofa with your laptop perched upon your legs.  The atmosphere and energy pull you into the game.



At Rich's suggestion, I brought my camera and a few lenses.  As always, there was a lot to photograph but I wasn't feeling too great and mostly kept the camera in my bag. 




Anna had a follow-up GI appointment in Boston yesterday morning.  Because of the nature of the appointment and scheduling issues, we decided that Rich would bring Anna while I went to work.  The appointment was quick and afterwards, Rich managed to find a free two hour parking spot right outside of the financial district and called to say that they could swing by for a visit.

I work in a secure building (you need a badge or an appointment to gain access) so I went down to the street to find Rich and Anna as I would need to sign them in at the security desk.  After a minute or so of waiting on the sidewalk, I could see them down at the end of the street.  At first, Rich was carrying Anna and then she started walking, holding his hand.  I didn't wave or anything because I wanted to see how long it would take for her to notice me.  It was so adorable when she did.  She pointed to me and looked at up Rich presumably to tell him that she found me.  Then she started running and tugging on Rich's hand as if to say, Hurry up.  I want to get to Mommy.

We walked around my office and said hello to some of my co-workers before heading out for a quick pizza lunch.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  When you go from triplets to one kid, it is like living on a different planet.  Anna loved the alone time and the special treat of visiting Mommy at her office.  Her attitude has slowly changed for the better over the past few months.  Which has been a relief on many different levels.  She's much more affectionate and better at expressing her emotions.  Although, she does like to get Grammy going sometimes.  I like to say that Anna and Grammy are either like oil and water or oil and vinegar.  It depends on the day.


Julia said...

So glad to hear her moods are better! It can be so draining, not to mention the guilt trips, when a child seems unhappy or when we just can't find a way through to them. We are apparently leaving the tantrum phase and the girls' fits are much lighter and so.much.shorter. The other day, one had a half-hour fit and I remembered that only months ago that could happen several times a day for each of them. Ouch.

Congratulations to Rich!

Rachel W. said...

Congrats to Rich - that is huge. You guys are so close to the finish line!

Mrs. Swaddle said...

Nice pictures, Fenway is a nice place. Continue to take pictures.

Mary said...

Fabulous photos of Fenway. I could just visualize Anna noticing you