Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blonde beach baby







That was Allie.

Last week, Emily asked how they (the girls) have blonde hair because Mommy and Daddy have brown hair and shouldn't kids have the same color hair as their parents.  I did my best to explain genetics to a 5 year old.  As children, Rich and I both had much lighter hair.  Rich was blonde just like the girls are now while my hair was more of a light honey color, which my pediatrician labeled as dirty blonde.  Although my hair is much darker now, it doesn't take much to lighten it.

The girls' hair darkens during the winter months and lightens with the summer sun.  Yesterday, they were discussing what color their hair would be when they are older and Anna said that hers was going to be pink.  (I may regret writing this but if they want pink hair and they are old enough (not like 8 years old), they can have pink hair.)    


Davida said...

My children are in their twenties now, but as teenagers they both said they wanted to get tattoos and to pierce various body parts. I told them that when they were old enough to drive themselves, in their own car, and pay with their own money, that they were free to do whatever they wanted. Fortunately, only one got a piercing that I would have rather he didn't have but he has since let it close up.

Emily said...

I would kill for Allie's hair! It's gorgeous. All your girls are gorgeous.

Tinkerbellemommy said...

When we hit our teen years my mom always let us do what we wanted with our hair, as it was only hair and would grow out again. We also had to deal with any consequences should it turn out badly, lol. Remember Sun-In? Yep, I was orange for a while. Now I've got teen girls of my own, and the deal is the same, but I pay for it so it's done right. Nothing dramatic so far, just a few highlights on my formerly very blonde DD, she's getting darker like me. Their school has a dress code that includes non-natural hair coloring, so we haven't gone pink (yet!)