Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where are the lions?

On Sunday, we visited the Rogers Williams Zoo in Providence for the first time this year.  Our timing was perfect and we avoided the crowds.  We arrived around 10:00 and as we were leaving, after lunch, people were streaming in through the gates.

The girls had a wonderful time.  We were able to view the giraffes and elephants inside one of the buildings.  The elephants were having a bath, which we watched.  Although, Emily was a bit disappointed when they didn't go into a tub.

The small turtles were inside one of the buildings - I suspect because it was a bit chilly outside.  Their area was being cleaned out and the caregiver had left the door open.  One of the turtles escaped into the general pedestrian area.  (She knew the turtle was leaving because she told him not to come crying to her if he got hit by a stroller.)  Anyway, the girls thought that it was hysterical.  Although, Anna was terrified.  Of the turtle.  You should have seen me drag her past it to get outside.

Em apparently told Little Lion that she would say hi to his mommy and daddy but unfortunately, there are no lions at this zoo.  


Anna is afraid of seals too.  Anna has also been wearing Emily's too-small leopard print shoes.





The girls asked if I would take pictures of them on this dog statue.






There was dessert drama.  You can still see the tear on Allie's face.  That child loves ice cream and ate that entire serving.


When we arrived home, the girls played zoo.  I was quite amazed with their creativity in setting up pens and display areas for the animals.



[We have a family membership, which (due to a special) is good for 14 months.  That costs $79 versus the $60 we would have paid for one visit.]


Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog and enjoy every entry. Your girls are wonderful, funny, smart and sweet. I wanted to comment on your Roger Williams visit, that dog statue ( located so close to the gift shop hmmm) was a photo op for many years for my sons. Now they're 24 and almost 21-sigh. I love reminiscing the good ole days through your photos. Enjoy these days---they pass too quickly.

Laura said...

I love zoo trips! That zoo is one of my favorite. We are going to Franklin Park this weekend with my niece which should be fun!

Anonymous said...

I too have been following your blog for a long time. It is very inspirational and I love how you write. I have many years of pictures on that dog going back over 2 decades. It looks like you had a great time there and beat these afternoon crowds!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time. I can now tell all three of your girls are apart in most photos. Allie's face is a little different from Emily's and Anna I could always single out. They are beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed Anna's hair is usually not styled. Does she not let you do it? I was one of those kids, hahahah!

Sarah said...

We haven't been to the Franklin Park Zoo but it's on our list to check out. And so funny that others have pictures of their kids with the dog statue!

Anon @1:39 - Anna hardly ever lets me do her hair. It drives me insane, which is why I think she does it. I did manage to convince her to let me put it in a ponytail after she smeared mustard all in it at lunch. haha

KimB said...

I'm starting to recognize which one is Anna, based on refusing to hold hands, wearing outfits that are, well, a little outlandish (clearly not letting her mom dress her), and having her hair down, unlike her sisters. So funny that her personality can be seen in pictures like that! LOL

Jayme said...

Goodness their hair is getting so long!