Friday, May 25, 2012

5 year stats and longest night ever

The girls had their 5 year well visit yesterday.  Rich brought them while I was at work.  (I do want to comment at how nice it has been to have one parent at home full time.  I do wish that I was that parent but in the same breath, I realize that I'm lucky to be able to provide for my family.)


Allie - 39.5"
Anna - 38"
Emily - 38.5"


Allie - 30 lbs
Anna - 28 lbs
Emily - 29 lbs

So basically, they have each grown in height over the past 6 months but no one has really gained any weight.  Their pedi isn't concerned.  Anna isn't even on the charts but she's growing.  Those of you who are familiar with Disney probably read my mind when you saw their heights.  Emily hasn't picked up much height since December so she's due for a growth spurt.

You need to be 40 inches tall to ride attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain, Soarin' and Splash Mountain.  The girls have even mentioned Tower of Terror.  The ironic part is that Allie is the least interested in those rides while Anna and Em are thrill seekers.  I so hope that my little Anna has another growth spurt.  She's so close!

The state of Massachusetts requires children to take a specific eye test, which can be administered by their pediatrician.  Now, the girls are already in the public school system and have had their eyes and ears checked multiple times without incident.  We've never had any concern over anyone's eyesight.  So, of course, Allie and Em pass the eye test but Anna doesn't.  I didn't hear this tidbit until after the girls had gone to bed.  When I arrived home, the girls were telling me about the appointment and Anna mentioned something about the eye exam but I thought it was odd how she said that she had to guess where the letter E was.

The pedi told Rich that 1/3 of kids fail this eye exam and of the 1/3 who fail it, 80% of them do so because they don't understand what they are supposed to be doing or they make it into a game.  Awesome.  Sounds like an effective exam.  And just what Anna needs.  Another appointment with another doctor.

The girls were scheduled to receive 4 vaccinations (shots) yesterday.  Although we are pro-vaccination for our children, I limit it to 2 shots per visit.  Their pedi has been cool with that thus far.  So yesterday they were each the recipient of 2 shots in the upper arm.  By the time Rich picked me up at the train station, the effects were obvious.  Emily and Allie were complaining of a sore arm and everyone just seemed a bit grumpy.  By bedtime, those two were also feverish.  Interestingly, Anna had a slight different reaction.

So here's the thing - whenever the girls are sick or react to vaccinations, I have panic/anxiety attacks because I'm afraid something is going to happen to them while we are sleeping.  What if a fever spikes too high?  What if someone chokes on puke?  I barely slept last night.  I spent part of the night sleeping in Anna's bed and Allie's bed in addition to my own bed.  I checked on Emily at least once an hour except between 4 and 6 this morning when I actually slept for more than 20 minutes.  Per her request, I cathed Anna twice during the night.  (We don't cath her during the night unless she asks us to and I've never had her ask twice in one night.)  Allie puked and thank goodness it was a one time event.

Oh, and poor Emily peed all over the bathroom floor at 6 this morning because she couldn't find me (I was in the corner of Anna's bed.)  I had moved the step stool in the middle of the night during my 8th trip to the bathroom for reason XYZ.  Her little arm was so sore that she couldn't climb up onto the toilet.

I'm exhausted.

I hope the girls feel better tomorrow because it was kind of a bummer seeing them like this today.  


Debbie Hein said...

Pixie dust on its way, Sarah.
Yep, I was one of those "Disney people" who immmediately thought of the 40" height requirement. Sending some extra dust their way hoping they will have a little growth spurt before your trip...

Ashleigh said...

Gosh, I hope everyone is feeling better now, and you get some more sleep!

I am a new follower from the MOM's Top 25! Congrats on your 3rd place finish!

I have a daughter with vision problems, and I can't believe that the Ped just told you that sometimes it's not very effective. They actually have great ways to test vision in young children, including infants! Hope you get some answers!

Jessica said...

Wow, you had a long day, but your such an amazing mother! The girls are blessed to have you! I hope they reach their 40 inches, they will have a blast!!

Lease said...

Our kids are almost the same height, we are Disney Parks fans as well. Hope the girls reach that magical 40 inches before your next trip (ours too).

Jayme said...

When we were at Disney, Mia was just a teeny bit too short to ride something she really wanted to go on (I can't even remember now!) and the employee whispered to us 'You know, if she puts on some of those plastic princess shoes it will give her another inch in height'

Just an idea :)

Olusola said...

Sounds rough. Hugs to you mama

Tina said...

I had to let out a delighted giggle about how petite your little pixies are. How adorably sweet! I knew they were small for their age but didn't realize they were such dainty little sprites! Those tiny bodies are certainly housing big personalities!

My 27 month old daughter is 36 inches tall and 30lbs and I can not imagine her running around a kindergarten classroom this Fall!

Sending magic growth-spurt dust their way for your Disney trip. Although, most likely their height was taken without shoes, right? From our experiences at Disney, they measure you with your shoes on... so there is hope!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say what others have. Get some platform sneakers or something of the like and you will be good to go!

Jilly said...

From my Disney experience (I grew up in FL) they aren't looking tooo closely... and probably if you send the tallest one through first they'll let the other two through (as, obviously, they're identical). My first thought was "platform sneakers!" I am probably a terrible person.

Wendy said...

aw! I love your girls.I wouldn't think twice about their heights and weights- you and Rich are both thin and you're not terribly tall! The babes are perfect.
M&L don't do well after shots, either. They are typically grumpy and tired. Not looking forward to their 5yr, though we knocked out a couple shots at their 4yWBV.