Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Lion

went missing tonight.

Rich and the girls picked me up from the train station and because the train was a bit late, there was only about 20-25 minutes before we had to head upstairs for The Bedtime Routine. The start of The Bedtime Routine is me saying, "Allie, get Elmo. Em, do you have Lion? Come on, let's go upstairs." (Anna changes her bedtime buddy. She usually sleeps with Orange Guy or Baby Zebra and they usually stay in her bed.)

Em couldn't find Lion tonight so I tore through the first floor, checked the van and looked outside. No Lion. Em cried and said that she couldn't fall asleep without him. I kept looking and she finally settled down with Tiger saying that she was Lion's mommy and that maybe we could find Lion in the morning. She was exhausted.

I looked in beds, under beds, in drawers, in cabinets, in closets, under couch cushions, under couches, through the dirty laundry, in trash cans, in shoes and in bags. I know this may sound ridiculous but I was so upset that we couldn't find her best buddy. Rich tried to convince me to just pick up and not tear through everything looking for him because when you aren't looking for something, you'll find it. I couldn't control myself.

We sat down to eat dinner while I searched the internet for a replacement. I actually found the original packaging in the basement (one of the benefits of keeping random items or of being a hoarder) but couldn't find any on Amazon. I searched a few other websites and just as Rich asked, "Can you find any?" I looked at my plate and then up and there was Lion.

We have a chest that holds CDs (I know, so 1999.) There's a green bowl on top and I actually opened those drawers and looked in the bowl. Lion was hiding behind a box containing a My Little Pony that was in front of the bowl.

I ran upstairs and tried to wake up Em but my little baby was so tired, she slept through me shaking her arm. I placed Lion in her arms and smiled.

Little Lion had a birthday party a few weeks ago. Em set up a bounce house in the family room and all of his classmates were invited. Anna has a stuffed doll (Snow Princess) that she has renamed Brigitte. (Yes, you say it with an accent.) Em was mad because Brigitte had invited herself to Lion's party and Brigitte isn't even in Lion's class.

A bit off topic but the girls sometimes play so realistically that we don't know that they are just playing. For example, during this birthday party, Rich and I heard someone saying, "Ouch! You are hurting me!" We made a move to the family room to break it up only to have the girls tell us that the buddies were hurting each other.

During the party, I was sitting at the counter in the kitchen. I couldn't see what the girls were doing but the party had moved into the kitchen and Lion was opening presents.


It amazes me how it only takes two minutes for them to create a scene like this.


But it takes longer than two minutes to clean it up.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise for her in the morning. You are such a good mommy!

Ashley said...

Yay for Little Lion! I have a 14-month-old who is extremely attached to a pink dog that she calls Kitty. My husband is concerned that she'll take Kitty with her to college, but I keep thinking that this lovey thing is just something that most kids have for a while. I was wondering what your girls do with their lovies when they go to school or other outings. Is Lion allowed to go along?

Laura said...

Bet she was ecstatic when she woke up to find that Little Lion had sneaked back to her! It's really sweet how you looked EVERYWHERE for him. And I also think it's so great seeing those photos of the girls playing together - it must be so cool to have TWO sisters to play with who are the same age as you. And great imaginations too - I love how they set up all their toys for a party!!

Cindy said...

I literally Gasped! when I read that first line (yes, I felt silly after I did it). I am so glad you found little lion. I know first hand how devastating it is for a lovey to go missing.
I adore how your girls play together. And yes, kids are like tornadoes and just as quick with the chaos.

Stacy said...

My 4.5 year old son has Guy Guy that he has to sleep with every night. He is a little doggie that my MIL gave him when I was pregnant with my twins. My daughter has bunny bunny, but she isn't AS attached. We often worry would happen if we lost him. When my son gets stressed he rubs the ears on his face. It's so cute!

Farah said...

How did Allie react when Lion was there when she woke up? I'm sure she was excited! I used to play those games that your girls play when I was a kid. School, doctor, house, etc. So much fun! They are so blessed to have each other. I had a brother who would never play those games with me!

Wendy said...

I'm glad you found LL! It is so hard when you know they have that one special thing and somehow, it's gone. And Brigitte cracks me up.

Souza Sisters said...

So happy to hear Lion was found!! My DD sleep with a stuffed Tramp every night. If we can't find him she won't go to bed. And Charlotte has pink blanket that is like an extra arm for her! She wouldn't be able to sleep without pink blanket!!