Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last week's 20%

An underlying sense of calm has replaced a layer of chaos in our home now that Rich is not working. The stress related to searching for new employment has been minimal thus far and having one parent at home and a grammy to help out has created a new, (slightly) less hectic world for us.

Rich and I were at home on Friday so we both dropped the girls off at school and then headed to a local breakfast joint for a quiet meal with adult conversations. After breakfast, we returned home so that I could assemble our MA tax return and gather some payments that needed to be mailed. I'm so forgetful these days that I made copies of our state tax return weeks ago and then left all of it on the hutch to gather dust.



After a quick stop at the post office, we ended up as one of the first in the car line for school pick-up. I positioned myself outside of the van thinking that I would fire off some paparazzi style photos. Instead, I lucked out with these...




We returned back home for lunch and then it was time to run errands. I was soooo tired. I really just wanted to nap but life doesn't work that way now. I decided to bring either Allie or Anna with me for some one-on-one time. Unfortunately, they both wanted to go. Especially after hearing that we would be traveling in the Volvo. (It was a bit heart wrenching to hear them call out, "Pick me! Please, pick me." What mom wants to have to pick one of her kids and leave the other upset.) Allie eventually agreed to stay home once Rich said that he would bring them to a playground.

Don't worry, Anna. I'm just taking a picture of that truck over there.


I always feel rushed when I run errands now. I need to be aware of the time and when I have to be back home and why I have to be back home. For this outing, there were two stores I needed to go to and one store I wanted to go to. That one store was a fabric store (of course.) I had a 20% off everything, including sales items, coupon, which is a rarity so I thought I would try to stock up on what I need for Disney dresses.

Don't worry, Anna. I'm just taking a picture of the fabric.


Unfortunately, the fabric store was our last stop and we ended up waiting in longer lines than anticipated so when I called Rich to say that we were next in the check-out line, he thought I was calling to say that I was home. Or almost home. Errr, not quite. We were further delayed when the salesperson checking us out thought that I was overpaying. Turns out I was not, but that was nice of her to be concerned.

As she handed the receipt to me, she said, "You saved $80." (The total was $120.) I commented that my husband would be so happy to hear that. Have you all read Confessions of a Shopaholic? I found myself thinking, So I really saved 40% by smart shopping and the custom outfits I'm going to sew cost a lot more than the inventory so I really saved a lot more than just $80! I saved close to $500!

Next project: Minnie Mouse sundress


Jessica said...

You are my hero! I have tried numerous times to sew patterns, and they have all been complete fails! Your daughters always look so cute in the dresses you make them! Good for you and your 40% savings!

Laura said...

I really love how it's so important to you to make clothes for your girls. The dresses you make are beautiful! I wish I knew how to sew like that but I don't really seem to have a special talent for anything. It's funny how you manage to take photos of Anna, it's exactly what I do to my cousin when she gets annoyed with me taking pictures: "Don't worry, I'm just taking a picture of the dog..."

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Yes, I'm a big shopaholic fan!

Melissa said...

love the hello kitty fabric, to the looks of it you were at joanns?? I need to run there and get some of that fabric if my store has it!!

can't wait to see the minnie dresses!!

jasmine said...

Your are such a good momma your girls are very blessed to have you.