Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun Kid Friday

There was no school or work last Friday because it was Good Friday. A holiday. My plan (in my daydreams, of course) was to curl up in my bed and spend the entire day sleeping, watching television, reading a book or even just staring at the wall in hopes of ridding my body of this lingering cold. It wasn't to be.

Rich had a meeting that morning so I packed up the girls and headed off to my brother's house. I needed to assist my sister-in-law with some tax return related matters, which meant that the girls were able to hang out with their cousins. I can still remember when it felt like the girls would never reach an age where they could just go play without constant supervision. And now it's here.

We arrived home around lunchtime and Rich and I hastily made plans to bring the girls to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. The thought hadn't crossed my mind at all this year but during the ride back home, they were discussing how a classmate of theirs had been to see the bunny and how they wanted to go see the bunny. Yeah, so, that mall has almost no Easter Bunny wait time, which is why we went there, because the bunny is a bit g-h-e-t-t-o. I made sure to spell it out when mentioned it to Rich so that the kids wouldn't figure out what I was saying. It was a bit of a bummer because even though they know that it's not a real bunny, it took away a little bit of the fun when Allie announced, "I think that was just a lady dressed up like a bunny. I could see her hair in the back."

We tried to explain to the girls that it was Good Friday and what Good Friday means but they weren't quite understanding and Emily decided that was Fun Kid Friday and that every Friday should be Fun Kid Friday and full of fun kid activities.

So to end Fun Kid Friday, we stopped at the school playground because the girls had been asking (begging and pleading) nonstop if we could go there. It's still fairly chilly around these parts (well, mid-50s is chilly to me) and looks winterish. Real spring hasn't hit quite yet. I've lived here my entire life and with each passing year, spring seems to have a slower start.






(The only child who would hold still long enough for a photo was Em.)



Stacey said...

I used to work there! Hope you had a good day!

Laura said...

I love your pics of Em. Your kids are so cute: "I think that was just a lady dressed up like a bunny. I could see her hair in the back."

Anonymous said...

adorable as always