Monday, April 9, 2012

Bunny Day 2012
















(Mickey and Ariel)



(Abandoned beach cottage)










Easter was a fun family day this year. The bunny "hid" the girls' baskets so well that they became quite upset when they couldn't find them. (ha ha) We had an egg hunt in our yard in balmy 42 degree weather. (I so desperately want it to be warm again.) Late morning, we stopped by Rich's sister's house for a visit with family. We then headed to Grammy and Papa's beach house where we spent the afternoon and ate dinner. Allie kept asking why I didn't pack their bathing suits because she wanted to go swimming. (ha ha)

I didn't find it necessary to give the girls huge baskets full of sugar this year. From experience, I know that they sort of forget about candy after a few days and it ends up sitting around until I eat it. And now I must go eat a Cadbury Creme Egg. Sadly, my supply is dwindling.


Tracey's Life said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah. Love the beach photos too. My kids have never been big candy eaters and I was always throwing it away (or eating it myself) so this year they got $20 and a single package of peeps! They were thrilled (mine are 16 (boy) and 18 (girl)).

Sophie Slim said...

Fun! love the photo of you and the girls, its not very often you're infront of the lense ;)

Happy Easter :)

mary grace said...

absolutely LOVE the photos of you with the girls!! beautiful... all of you! glad you had such a good easter.

Laura said...

Aww I LOVE the photos of you and the girls. It's so sweet. And I really like their little outfits. Allie is so funny. Glad you had a happy Easter.
Xx Laura

Margaret said...

What great pictures of you and your beautiful girls!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Sarah, what a treat to see you in the pics with your girls.

I love the beach scenes with all those gorgeous grey skies. Yum!

MamaMeerkat said...

I love their dresses. :) My daughter isn't a big candy eater either.

renee said...

I know that beach. I always thought that Grammy's beach was my beach too. My inlaws looked at buying that cottage, I think it has a twin next to it.
Looks like you had a happy Easter!

Cindy said...

I love the picture of you and the girls. That's an enlargement waiting to happen. You did a great job on the dresses - I like how each girl has their own style. Finally, why do kids line everything up? My girls did the same thing. Cracks me up.

Rachel W. said...

Sarah, you look so beautiful! I love to see you pop up in the pics :)

Katie said...

The picture of you and the girls is adorable!

Sarah said...

Thank you!!!

@renee - what a small world! Yes, there is another cottage next to it. My dad knows the guy who bought them - he plans to tear them down and build a new house there someday. AMAZING views.

Beth said...

What special and beautiful photos of mother and daughters!

mommytocutiepie said...

Love the picture of you with the girls!!!!! Definitely worthy of a frame and a spot on the wall.

Hope's Mama said...

Loved seeing you in these pics. You are the reason the girls are always smiling in the pictures, as you are the one they are looking at behind the camera. You obviously make them so very happy.

Kelly-Marie said...

The picture of you and your girls is so precious!!
I always love looking at the photo's of your girls and by the looks of things they each have thier own little uniqueness. Love you guys x x x