Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being a triplet is hard

Because the girls' birthday was before their big birthday party, we kind of felt like we had to do something on their actual birthday. Their big birthday party was at the bounce place again and we realize that family members without little kids don't want to attend that so we had a little party Thursday evening.

Home Birthday Party guest-is:
  • Grammy
  • Grandma
  • Auntie Joan
  • Auntie P
  • Auntie Marilyn
  • Cousin Jen
"Home Birthday Party" = the girls' name for their birthday party at home.

"Guest-is" = how the girls pronounce the word guests.

The girls were so excited for their Home Birthday Party and had a wonderful time. It's during moments like these that I realize how lucky we are to have family to celebrate with. Family who love our girls.

I'm not a triplet but I realize that despite the obvious benefits and sunshine moments, there are also some tough times. Having to share your special day with two siblings. Having siblings who want to share your new toys. The girls don't receive identical gifts and when there are complaints, I remind them of how lucky they are to have presents to open.

Allie was a bit upset over who received what. I believe in a little bit of tough love and tried to explain that this is life. And honestly, there was nothing for her to be upset over. It was late and she was tired, which added to it.
At bedtime, I was managing the picking out of school clothes for the next morning while Rich brushed teeth. Allie has a new (I bought on sale 18 months ago) sundress hanging in her closet and she's been itching to wear it. We haven't had sundress weather yet. She was holding it and trying to convince me that she could layer a long sleeve shirt under it and I asked her if she could just wait to wear it. She started crying and said, "It's just...I'm having a really hard day."

I felt bad. We snuggled on the glider in her room and I told her the story of the first time I held her after she was born. Our first night in the hospital, I was stuck in bed while she and Em stayed in the Special Care Nursery. I had to share a room and couldn't sleep with all the noise. In the middle of the night, a nurse brought Allie in to see me and I was able to cuddle with her for a few sweet moments. Allie liked hearing that and I cried like a baby.

So, yeah, being a triplet can be difficult.










Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girls!

mommytocutiepie said...

Happy birthday!!! Anna looks really cute in that baseball hat!

Angela said...

Happy birthday, Ladies!

I have twins and the phrase "You get what you get and you don't get upset" gets a lot of use around here. Don't get me wrong, I try to go out of my way to individualize and make sure to remember preferences, but seriously, I can not fight over spoon colors at seven am...

Tina said...

Really? I'm crying over a birthday post? I need to man up! lol.

Poor Allie. Even kids that aren't triplets have hard days so I can only imagine how she felt. But, it's really great that she was able to vocalize how she was feeling... my 5 year old daughter would probably start stomping and screaming and having a melt down. Maybe Allie needs to come teach my daughter some tips!

Sarah said...

Tina - well, there was some stomping involved earlier.

Laura said...

Poor Allie, I guess it didn't really help that she was tired and then she felt like everything was against her, but it was so sweet how you cheered her up. Hope she at least enjoyed the birthday cake - it looks so good!!