Saturday, March 17, 2012

When I grow up

One of the lines on Allie's Star of the Day poster for her to fill in was "When I grow up, I want to be ________________. She told me to write the following:
  1. A gymnastics girl on tv
  2. A teacher
  3. In shows
  4. A mommy

For the past six months or so Anna has said that she wants to be a big sister, one who is not a twin or triplet. I'm not sure if she means with the Big Brother/Big Sister organization or what but sure, Anna, you can be a big sister. To someone. Well, technically she is already a big sister to Emily. By about 40 seconds or so. She had me fill that in on her Star of the Day sheet too.

Emily's class hasn't participated in the Star of the Day program but Em's list consists of being a doctor, a dentist, a teacher and a mommy. Although, after we've been around a crying baby, she leaves the mommy off of her list because crying babies are too loud. Tell me about, Em. Tell me about it.

Rich and I have both had some pretty crappy work experiences in our careers and if it has taught us anything, it's to allow our children to pursue their dreams and be happy. Now, this doesn't mean living off of Mommy and Daddy and hanging out with your friends. It means that maybe they don't end up with typical office jobs. Maybe they don't end up working for the man.

I would imagine that their generation is going to be more demanding of employers anyway. Change has begun and presumably will continue. Although, I can only hope that the entitlement issue that's occurring with some of these young kids (those in their 20s for those of us who aren't) will go away. When I first started working, I had to bust my butt and prove myself in order to move up. Everyone did (mostly.) Some have a different attitude regarding what working hard means these days.

The world is yours, little loves. Maybe one of you will be a fashion designer or a runner or a gymnast or an actress or an author or a ballerina.



Nicole said...

Is that a picture of Allie??

Chantel said...

So funny!

Claudia had an "all about me" sheet she had to fill out the beginning of October. I asked what she wanted to be, she said Smurfette. Convinced she was confused with Halloween, I explained the difference between a costume and growing up to do something. She looked at me and said "SMURFETTE!" So, Smurfette went down on the sheet. We got the book with all the kids sheets in it, and it was filled with Princesses, Spidermans, and dogs. So funny.