Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've had so many thoughts whirling around inside my head this past week that it's been difficult for me to concentrate. I possess slightly obsessive traits (okay, Rich tells me that I have OCD and I do but it is obviously very mild - except for the bagel incident) and so when I have an idea or something is going on, it's all I can focus on.

After we tucked the girls into bed last night, I ran (1.75 miles thankyouverymuch) and then ate dinner (Caesar salad with chicken.) Rich and I cleaned up the kitchen and I spent some time looking through my pictures from when the girls met their new baby cousins, who are twins. I uploaded some of those pictures online for friends and family to see and then started to think about a blog post. I usually don't have to think about blog posts.

I was going to post some of the "triplets meet twins" photos but I felt like I had to write something catchy to go along with it because posting a few snapshots isn't going to be interesting to anyone, especially when those snapshots aren't technically correct. I'm still obsessing over the pink hue and snapshotiness of the pictures from the post with Emily's dress. I was just too tired to care at the time but now it's bothering me. (In case you didn't know, I'm a perfectionist too.)

So now I'm just going to continue to babble.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this warmer weather. Rich and the girls are enjoying it too. It's been nice to have outdoor time and not freeze. Although, flowers from our bulbs have started to bloom (a month early) and I guess that isn't good for them in the long run if temperatures drop back to where they should be.

Conversations with the girls continue to blow my mind (Allie asking me how Abbey died) or make me laugh hysterically. This is what Em said to me the other day. "Little Lion had diarrhea once and it was gross." She overheard me repeat it to Rich and added, "He had just eaten 15 pancakes!" (I am purposely not focusing on the death conversation.)

Good sleep continues to come and go in cycles and we have been at a low point lately with kids waking up at all hours of the night. Emily was absolutely exhausted the other night (time change + a ton of outdoor play) and was asking to go upstairs to bed. "I'm so tired. All my animals kept waking me up last night." (In our house, the girls refer to their stuffed animals as buddies or simply animals.)

Do you know what my response was? "I know, Em. My animals kept waking me up last night too. Did you know that Daddy and I have three animals?" She was kind of laughing but kind of not.

Every night, Anna says, "Sleep in my bed," as I'm tucking her in at night. My reply is always the same. "Okay, I'll see you in a bit. Mommy and Daddy need to go eat and clean up." Every morning, Anna says, "Did you sleep with me? Why didn't I see you?"

"Because you were sleeping, Anna."

It's kind of a joke now between us. Although, it isn't very funny when she comes storming into my room at five o'clock in the morning and insists on sleep with her hand on my throat.

The girls' birthday party is next month and whenever they hear me mention party favors, they spew out all different types of items that they want to give to their friends. And you know that if these favors aren't approved by them, they will flip out. I don't even know where to begin so I haven't been thinking about it. I've had other, bigger fish to fry. I can tell you this much though - the girls won't know anything about them. Magically, a box of party favors will appear at the end of their party. (Last year, I was able to score little note pads and stickers on super clearance at The Children's Place outlet store.)

And last, but certainly not least, our Disney vacation. After certain events last week, we came to realize that when we were planning on going was probably not the best time to go. We (well, really me) have been scrambling to come up with a time frame that works - there is Rich's school, the girls' school, work and family events to schedule around. Plus, I don't want to go when it will be super busy.

So now that we have agreed upon a new date to begin our vacation, I have less time to sew custom outfits for the girls. I'm trying to decide on whether or not to hide the clothes from them. The vacation is going to be a surprise - they know that we will be returning but they don't know when and they won't know until we are almost there. They also know that I will be sewing for them - they have already started to help me design some dresses.

That's all.


Christa said...

i love the way you write!
Good luck with the party!

Anonymous said...

re: the photography comment - do you use a custom white balance when you shoot? that helps a lot with reds/pinks and also with getting creamy skin tones

the Lastolite grey card is great

Wiley said...

I like technically incorrect snapshots!

Would it be a lot easier to get the clothes done with the shorter timeline if you don't hide that you are making them outfits? You wouldn't even have to refer to them as Disney outfits...

Sarah said...

Thank you, Crista.

098019579135 - I used my flash. I don't bother to set custom WB with those kind of photos. They were slightly underexposed, blah, blah = bad edits.

Wiley - I'll let them see me sewing. I just won't make a big deal of it and then hide what is finished when it's finished. I am going to need them to try on stuff for sizing. ;)