Wednesday, March 21, 2012

May in March

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be more like July in March but I still haven't posted some pictures and such from a few weeks ago. This was the day we took Anna to her urology appointment. It was slated as the first warm day of the season with the prediction of record breaking temperatures. And while it was warm, it was, unfortunately, very windy, and by mid-afternoon, the cool air had started to move back in.

On the way home from the hospital, Anna and I stopped at Target to purchase a birthday gift for one of her classmates. We also ate a lunch of pizza and breadsticks and then rushed home (rush, rush, rush) so that we wouldn't be late for gymnastics.

Okay, I would love to sneak into the gym and photograph my kids because this shooting through a dirty window is just not working out for me. Because it was warm outside, they had opened all of the doors, which caused reflections and glares off of the windows. Plus, I've figured out that the best place to photograph them is when they are on the balance beams in the big gym that run parallel to the window. Well, they didn't use those balance beams this day.






This time, I paid attention to all of the other kids and their cartwheels. Allie and one other older girl were the only ones who could turn decent cartwheels. Allie's body type is definitely one of a gymnast. Some of the girls in the kindergarten class have super long legs - you can tell that they are going to be tall - and they couldn't keep those long legs straight.



I did smile (okay, maybe it was a bit of a smirk) when I realized that the daughter of the mom, who I suspect made a comment about me taking pictures back in December, was just learning to turn cartwheels. She's in the kindergarten class and one the coaches was really working with her on it. #imagymnasticsmom.

After gymnastics, the girls wanted to play in the driveway. They are really into playing outside this year, which is a bit of a relief for us adults. We like to keep them active and tire them out.

(That's a giraffe.)




(Allie #imasuperstar)



Laura said...

Cool cartwheel!
Why do they not allow you to go inside to take pictures? It must be totally annoying taking pictures through a window especially with the sun reflecting off it. Those pictures are still gorgeous, though.
Do you EVER have trouble telling your kids apart? You always seem to know who's who! I know of course you would because you're they're mother, but they look so identical and everything. (Please don't take this question at all offensively.)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Laughing at your hash tags (or whatever you call them!)! ;)

Lily said...

sooo cute!!

Siné said...

Cracking up at the hash tags and loving the photos!

Celine said...

That mom who corrected you about taking pictures may not be a nice woman, but is it right to laugh at her kid being behind yours in gymnastics? That's just mean.

Sarah said...

Laura - they don't want the kids to be distracted so no parents are allowed in the gym. No offense at all re: your question. I can just tell them apart. I can't really explain it but they look different to me.

Celine - I have a child with spina bifida who will NEVER be able to do a cartwheel. Read my post again. I was not laughing at anyone. I was joining in their competitive ways.

Sarah said...

Celine - I must have diarrhea of the mouth today. My first response sounds harsh so now I'm going to babble.

You are right. It isn't correct to laugh at others and that's what I'm teaching my kids. These women are highly competitive and I'm really proud of Allie for practicing. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and maybe it doesn't always read that way. Gymnastics moms are mean.

Celine said...

I totally understand! People can be harsh and judgmental to each other (myself included). Good for your daughter for practicing hard and achieving (I certainly never could do a cartwheel!). It just bugged me a little because my child is certainly not the best in her dance class and I would be hurt that another mom was smirking that her daughter was better. Thank you for your comments!

Laura said...

Sarah - yeah I suppose they probably do, I can only sort of tell which one is Anna because her eyes and face look different but I always have trouble telling Allie and Emily apart. They both have round-ish faces I think so I only know if you have captioned them! Cute pictures, by the way. And I agree, some moms can be so mean and critical - especially about something such as gymnastics, where they probably just want their kids to do better and they'll take any chance to be rude to other parents.