Friday, March 2, 2012

39 by 39

  1. Gave birth to four beautiful baby girls.
  2. Married a wonderful man who is the best father to our little girls.
  3. Graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of science in business administration degree. (Accounting major.)
  4. Watched (many) concerts from the front row.
  5. Vacationed in Hawaii twice.
  6. Became a homeowner (times two.)
  7. Viewed a concert from side-stage.
  8. Vacationed in the Bahamas.
  9. Snorkeled in Maui. (Which was a HUGE deal due to my fear of sharks.)
  10. Took my girls to Disney World.
  11. Sewed some cute clothes for my girls.
  12. Taught myself to take professional level photographs.
  13. Earned my CPA license.
  14. Ran a 7.1 mile road race in under an hour and ten minutes.
  15. Earned an annual salary in excess of $XYZ.
  16. Was in the studio audience for the taping of an episode of Storytellers. (I was on tv too!)
  17. Watched the sun rise and set.
  18. Been loved.
  19. Remained friends with my friends from high school.
  20. Vacationed in Florida.
  21. Visited Niagara Falls.
  22. Been on a rock star tour bus.
  23. Held a sleeping baby.
  24. Socked away a decent amount in my retirement account.
  25. Grown my hair as long as it would grow (almost to my waist.)
  26. Told a hair stylist to do whatever he thought would look best. Chop, chop. (And I liked it!)
  27. Sat on a beach in Maui at night by myself just to listen to the waves crash along the shore.
  28. Seen innocence through the eyes of my children.
  29. Eaten an ice cream sundae for dinner.
  30. Laughed with my children until my jaw ached.
  31. Went on a cruise to Mexico.
  32. Hung out with rock stars.
  33. Read many, many, many books.
  34. Been a blonde, a red head and a brunette.
  35. Driven as far west as Indiana, south to Florida and north to Vermont.
  36. Stood up for myself and fought a broken justice system.
  37. Vacationed for a weekend at a B&B in Maine.
  38. Spent many summer days enjoying Cape Cod beaches.
  39. Realized just how precious life really truly is.


wethreelyons said...

I love this list, it's making me want to write one too!! And I think it's really cool that you majored in accounting, that's my major!!!! I'm in my first year of school but I've been wanting this for several years. I'm excited :o)

Stacey said...

I may have to steal this idea for April 4th!

Margaret said...

great list! happy birthday, too, if that's what prompted it. :-)

Brinda Balaji said...

Hello Sarah... Many more happy returns of the day.. I am a mother of 14 months old non identical twin girls and I have been following ur post for past 5 months.. I love to wish people on their birthday and how can i not wish u. I admire you and hold you as the best mom.... Happy bday to world's best MOM

Hope's Mama said...

I'm sure this list barely scrapes the surface of all your achievements in life. Happy birthday, Sarah. You're incredible.

Wendy said...

<3 Happy birthday, to you!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome list of accomplishments!!!

Please do tell me if you are ever planning to come back to the Niagara Falls area so I can come and gawk at your family. ;)

mommytocutiepie said...

Happy birthday Sarah!!! Great list :)

KimB said...

This is what I'll be doing June 3! 38 though. :)

Thanks for a great idea!

Becca said...

May have to borrow this idea in a few days for my birthday!! Very cute!

Becky said...

Love your list, especially the last one.