Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weekend randoms

Rich and I decided a few months ago that we would give the girls one of those huge swing set/climbing structures for their birthday. Of course, there are sales now because it's winter and no one is buying them. On Saturday afternoon, we decided to go check out one of the stores. It was located in a strip mall and the store front was very deceiving but when we walked in, the place was huge with five large swing set/climbing things set up.

The girls thought and treated the place as if they were in an indoor playground, which was fine but made the decision process all the more difficult. I would watch the girls while Rich talked with the salesperson, Rich and I would confer and then I would talk with the salesperson. We couldn't make a decision.

Part of the problem was that these cost a lot more money than we wanted to spend. And I wanted ours to have a lot of stuff. Like the rock wall and a rope climbing wall and slides. Each additional feature costs more money. The salesperson had given Rich a flyer with prices for different options. I happened to flip it over and saw a particular set listed with BLOW-OUT SPECIAL. The prices were much lower than what we were looking at in the store. So basically these were "on sale" and someone had actually purchased the floor model that morning (of course.)

We did end up buying one of the BLOW-OUT SPECIALS. I tried to negotiate the price but apparently they don't work like a car dealership. I did rationalize the cost with the fact that we have saved so much $ by having Grammy watch the girls and this will help with keeping them entertained.

Awesome moment of the day: Watching Anna climb a five foot tall rock wall by herself! (It was on a slant. But still!)

Funniest moment of the day: Having Allie yell, "My feet smell really gross. Do you want to smell them, Mommy?" as I was talking with another mom (of multiples.) Her kids were much younger and not talking yet so she looked a little horrified. Especially when Allie proceeded to run around in her bare feet.

I attempted to straightened Allie's hair with my flat iron on Sunday. I didn't want to fry it so it was a light ironing. Their hair is exactly like mine and has just enough body to be a hassle (it does come in handy sometimes though.) The strands are fine and easily tangle and look stringy.

Post ironing.


Look at my clean room!

Em with Allie in the background. Sillies.


Long hair. (Anna's hair isn't as long but is tucked into her shirt here.)


On my project list is to change out our curtains. Those were bought on sale and were fine with our old furniture but don't go with the dark wood that we have now. I'm going to cut out the black-out portion and sew new curtains. Project #389.


Hope's Mama said...

Their hair is so long, and gorgeous!

JEN said...

THose climbing structures are crazy expensive, but are they fun! Great for adults to have a contained activity outside.

I'm envious of the hair. My daughter is 3.5 y and still really has... nothing.

Cindy said...

I love Allie's stinky feet exclamation. My twins are almost 4 and that is a nightly statement, whether they really stink or not. Shoes come off, "ew, my feet stink - wanna smell them?"
I am so wanting one of those play sets. Not going to happen now though. Maybe one day.
And I love their long hair. One of my girls has (had - we just cut it into a cute long bob) really long thick hair an the other - short and thin, just won't grow. Strange how that works.
Finally - love the clean bedroom - is that a seat/couch in there? Loving it!

Nicole said...

Their hair is so long! Do they take after you?? :-D
And I love the after-pic of Allie with her hair straightened!

Sarah said...

Cindy - that's a love seat that doesn't really have anywhere else to go. It seems to accumulate clothes but now that it's cleaned off, it has actually had someone sitting on it.

Thanks, Nicole. I have had my hair long - but it's not that long now.