Monday, February 20, 2012

We're the reason for the window shades at gymnastics

These pictures were all taken on my day off last week but represent usual scenes in our home.

There were extra Valentine's Day cards after ones were signed for classmates and so Allie asked me if they could use them for their buddies.

(Em's buddies)


I think it's funny how they asked for permission when they very easily could have just taken the boxes and gone to town with writing out cards for buddies.

This is a parade.


That pink Barbie box, which was mine (circa 1981), is a float.


Rich and I love their creativity but they can create a disaster area in 10 minutes flat.

Random - yes, my kids eat cookies.


Rich and I had a meeting with Anna's teacher and therapists regarding her transition to kindergarten (more on that later), which was scheduled to begin a half hour before the girls' gymnastics class, so Grammy brought the girls to class and we met them there a little bit late. They were so excited that we were there and kept looking for us. The gym is set up with a parents/place to leave your shoes and bags room that has windows with a view into the gym.

Shortly after gymnastics class started for this school year, Grammy told us how the shades on the windows had been pulled down so she was unable to see what was going on. Thankfully, they raised the shades a few months ago and it has been that way ever since. The girls kept looking for us and we waved. They also saw me taking pictures. Rich commented that if we went every week, the girls probably wouldn't have the same reaction.

(Allie - swinging with her legs out)


The girls' class is scheduled for the same time as a kindergarten class. The coaches have been breaking out the kids into three groups and Allie is usually separated from Emily and Anna. From what I could tell, Allie was in a group with some of the kindergarteners.

Okay, so this is kind of funny. In that picture above, Allie had been holding a bean bag with her feet and when she swung out, she tossed the bean bag. Poor Anna had a bit of trouble with this. First of all, the coach had a really soft mat for the kids to stand on in order to reach the bar. I noticed when going through my pictures that it was replaced with a firmer mat for Allie's group. Anna was finally able to hold the bean bag between her knees but when she reached up to grab the bar, it slipped out and she lost her balance on the soft mat and plopped down. She finally stood up, climbed off the mat holding the bean bag and threw it. So, yes, she did toss the bean bag - just not in the way she was supposed to.



Anna's new statement is "No pics, no tics and no Growly." (No pictures, no tickles and no Mommy pretending to be an attack dog.) I didn't realize until I was editing these pictures that Anna was giving me a hand block.









Random - Em danced around with a frozen burrito saying she was going to eat it for dinner (she's never eaten those before) and then was all like, "Just kidding."



Carla said...

That first one of the last series of black and white pics (Emily, I think) is breathtaking. Beautiful. I love it.
Let the kids give you the hand block -- these will be pictures and memories that they will treasure later.

Beth said...

My aunt had a pink Barbie box JUST like that one. It also got passed down to me :D

Heather Sullivan said...

The black and white gymnastics photos are all amazing. And it is wonderful that your kids eat cookies and that you guys drink cokes, too. I always love how you don't pretend to be something else. You just DO and roll with it. It is refreshing in a world of perfect mommy bloggers and vegan families and "no television" parenting.

Cindy said...

I really like this series. It's nice that you get to go to their classes once in awhile. It means so much to them AND to you. I know it's that way for me.

Wiley said...

Love these!

Katie said...

I totally second Heather's comment above. Aside from the beautiful pictures of amazingly beautiful little girls, I come back daily to see you be real, Sarah. I love it.

Emily said...

I love the picture of Emily leaning against the balance beam! It's perfect!

Wives Unscripted said...

This is a great post! I love Anna's determination to not give up and follow through, even if it was in her own way. I have to say I love the creativity your girls have. It's great they have such large imaginations. And thank you for continuing to stay real and not pretending that life is always perfect when it isn't.

wethreelyons said...

First, I love the pictures you take because they are all full of life and instead of trying to catch the "photo studio" pose that a lot of people do, you capture moments. They end up coming out more beautiful than a photo studio pose!! Second, I had that barbie box too! inside there was a bed (or two?) that folded down, and a closet with a big drawer at the bottom. I still have it in the attic somewhere :o)