Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend o' the migraine

I can't believe it's Thursday already. (Well, Friday now.) Rich and I both had Monday off from work for the holiday which left me with a three day work week. I didn't expect there to be a mental transition with my new work schedule but oddly enough, there is. I'm high strung and stress out easily and so this is all causing me some anxiety because I really, really want it to work out.

Here's a little story so you can see how much of a granny I am. I now have a Blackberry through work for work. I almost threw it in the trash three times trying to set the thing up. I turned it on to check my email on my day off last week (part of my deal) and I couldn't enter the correct password. You only have so many chances to enter in that correct password before it locks up and Tech Support become your friend. Thankfully, I figured it out on my second to last try. And then I couldn't figure out how to navigate around in my email. Granny. I wanted to throw it in the trash. I would add #granny to this but I don't know if I fully understand what typing #granny means.

I ended up with a bad headache last Friday night which messed up my eyesight for about an hour. If I closed my eyes, there was what looked like a spinning circular saw. It's outer edge was bright white and it was spinning. It started out small and over an hour grew bigger and bigger until it was out of my vision. Not. Fun. I also felt dizzy.

So I felt like crap all weekend and my to-do list was crumpled up and stuffed into a messy drawer. Figuratively not literally. My headache came and went. I would feel like puking one minute and then fine the next.

My sister-in-law stopped by Saturday morning for a quick visit. The girls were excited to play with their cousins. I happened to be snapping some photos of the girls playing Candy Land with Grace when I captured a funny incident. I guess Grace isn't familiar with how to play this game and kept picking up cards instead of moving her player with the card she had.

Grace, you don't need another card.


Grace, this is your card here.




We ran over to Kohl's later that afternoon to grab a few items - specifically, socks for Rich and house slippers for me. I always check out the shoes on clearance and this time scored three pairs of boots (not snow) for the girls for next fall/winter and one pair of shoes. They were all the Osh Kosh/Carter's brand and originally priced at $45 a pair. Do people actually pay that much for a pair of little girl's boots?? They were all on clearance for $8 and some change.

(We brought the girls to the Providence Children's Museum on Sunday morning. I'll post that story later so this doesn't turn into a book.)

I kind of wanted a break from laundry this weekend. Here's what had accumulated for the girls' clothes.


There's another full basket behind that pile. I ended up doing one load after I discovered that Allie only had 2 pairs of clean underwear left.

I never understood how much laundry three children could produce. Before I had kids, I remember my sister-in-law tell me how much laundry she did each week and I couldn't figure out how she had that much laundry. Well, now I know. In addition to clothes and pajamas, there are sheets, blankets, towels and face cloths. (We try to be green and have the girls use baby face cloths instead of napkins.)

Random - Elmo apparently needed a few time-outs. That's his time-out spot.


On Monday, we brought the girls out to lunch at Papa Gino's. Rich and I had had a bit of an argument on the ride there so when we walked into the restaurant, I wanted to just be. Well, this guy, who was there with his daughter, loudly says, "Look, it's triplets. Boy, you sure have your hands full." I kind of gave him a half smile and nod hoping that he would bugger off. They kept staring at us and he finally asked if they were triplets because apparently Emily looks like she could be older. I understand the curiosity and appreciate the kind comments from strangers but sometimes I just want to be. I don't want to be stared at or whispered about or pointed out. I just want to be.

(Classic "Allie face")





Lily said...

So much pink!! Love the second Candyland picture!!

I used to have a BlackBerry! Just looking at that phone was enough to give me a headache....

Did you paint Allie's fingernails? So cute!

Sorry I didn't comment all week!! I read everyday, just in a rush :)

Sarah said...

Thank you, Lily! Yes, the girls love having their nails done :)