Sunday, February 5, 2012

Club Med for Kids

A few days before our talk with the girls regarding their sleep habits, Allie started having nightmares. The girls have frequently used that as an excuse for waking us up in the middle of the night and the dreams that they describe do sound scary for a four year old so Rich and I will comfort them and break the rules a bit if they do seem scared. And there were a few incidents when Allie, who is our best sleeper, was visibly shaken.

Allie is doing much better now. And after a sick week of co-sleeping with Anna and Em, I assumed that any progress made with the girls sleeping in their own beds by themselves was gone. I couldn't have been more wrong. I had four nights last week of uninterrupted sleep. It was amazing. Almost like when babies start sleeping for longer periods of time.

Our morning routine has remained fairly consistent for awhile now. We do, on occasion, end up with one of the girls (sometimes two) still asleep in our bed while we are getting ready for work. Emily likes to come into our room when Rich gets up (or sometimes a bit earlier) and she usually falls back asleep and stays asleep. Once Anna is awake, she's awake and up for the day. Allie is half and half.

Whenever we have a morning of tip-toeing around to allow a sleeping child to sleep, I always say to Rich, "I feel like I'm working at Club Med for Kids. It must be nice to sleep in a quiet-on-purpose environment and then wake up to have someone make breakfast for you."


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Debt-Free said...

My mom worked crazy hours when I was growing up. Once I started school and was doing activities after school most days, I didn't really ever spend quality time with her in the evenings.

Some of my favourite memories are of laying and playing in my parents' bed while they got ready for work. There was just something so special about watching her pick out her outfit and jewellery and transform into a "business person" that was so mesmorizing. I just find that the bedtime routine can be so rushed, and this morning time always seemed like a relaxing oasis for me (although, looking back, I'm positive that my parents were rushing to make it to work on time).

Adriane said...

Isn't that the truth?! We operate Club-Med for kids (Midwest location) just about every night. At least one of my girls (twins - age 3) is almost always in my bed. Whenever I get a night of uninterrupted sleep, I almost don't believe it. I end up turning on the TV in our room in the morning just because I can.