Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The weekend

Emily had some tummy issues on Friday and we assumed it was just a side effect of her medication. It took her FOREVER to fall asleep Friday night. It was well past 8, closer to 8:30, before she was finally settled. She didn't seem to be as sick as she had been - just wanted me to sleep in her bed with her.

She appeared at my bedside shortly after 1:00 and so I curled up in her bed for the remainder of the night. I accept these interruptions to my sleep cycle now. This doesn't mean that it is easy. I just accept that it's going to happen.

I wasn't overly surprised when Em slept until 8:00 Saturday morning, given that she was sick and had stayed up late the night before. She told me her tummy hurt so I fixed her some toast, thinking that she was simply hungry. She puked about five minutes after eating three bites of toast. For the next two and a half hours, she threw up every 20 minutes and rolled around the couch moaning. A stomach virus on top of bronchitis? Wonderful.

Rich left to run errands with The A Team at 10:30. The goal was for Emily to rest with the house quiet. As Rich was loading up the van, I told Em that I was going in the basement for a minute to grab something. I was gone for about two minutes and returned to find her asleep. I wasn't quite sure if she was really asleep but she was.


She slept for half an hour and then woke up to ask for some water. I gave her a little bit and she immediately fell back asleep. I decided to take a nap on the other couch and managed to sleep for 20-30 minutes before Em woke up again and asked for some apple juice. She tried to watch some television but really wasn't into it so I turned it off and she fell back asleep again.



Thankfully, Baby Chick spent the remainder of the day recovering. She managed to eat some crackers during the afternoon and then requested spaghetti and pizza for dinner. So far (thank God) no one else has thrown up. Allie has complained a few times about having a stomachache and I have thought it was all over with but so far, so good.

Rich gave me the opportunity to sleep for a few extra hours Sunday morning and you better believe that I took it. I have so much cleaning and organizing to do in my bedroom but hoping to keep the girls entertained at the same time, I attempted to tackle my sewing area in the basement.


The girls played with some of my vintage Barbie accessories (after they rifled through piles of fabric and patterns.) I only had two Barbie dolls growing up and the accessories were expensive so I didn't have very many. One year (I believe for Christmas), our neighbor across the street gave me a big package full of generic Barbie accessories - shoes, hair curlers, bags, etc. and I still have them.


Anna was a bit of a troublemaker. A big troublemaker actually. I don't know what her deal was but it was like having an 18 month old again. I couldn't leave the room to move clothes from the washing machine to the dryer without her attacking and destroying Emily's imagination station. Based on the fact that she fell ill the next day, I think she was feeling under the weather and just acting out.

Okay, so if you are a neat freak, you may want to skip over this photo. Here's what my sewing area looked like before I started organizing. I do admit to hoarding fabric, notions and trims but I have a reason. I do. I really do. If you see cute fabric in the store, there is no guarantee that the same fabric will be there next week. Plus, I have been trying to stock up when items are on sale so I don't have to pay full price when I need a particular item AND the closest fabric store isn't really that close and a "quick trip" still eats up a good chunk of time.



So here's the latest health update - Emily has finished her antibiotics and is doing much better, which was evidenced by the amount of noise she was making this evening. Both Anna and Allie were prescribed antibiotics today. Anna definitely needed it while Allie was borderline. Tonight was the first night in many days that Allie hasn't had a coughing fit at bedtime. (She did have a pretty nasty one this morning though.) And Grammy is sick and going to get checked out in the morning. We do not want a repeat of The Pneumonia Incident of 2011. No thank you.


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Breenah said...

My immediate family has thirteen people. Out of that three of us haven't gotten super sick over the past week. It's crazy how that stuff can spread. I'm glad the girls are feeling better :)

Cindy said...

1. The "A Team" is a great name and made me laugh.
2. I love the pictures of Emily sleeping - so peaceful.
3. I honestly thought the picture of your fabric area was the "after" picture. It looked pretty organized to me. (I am obviously not a neat freak, but I am a place for everything and everything in it's place kind of person)

Glad to hear the girls are on the mend. Here's to a HEALTHY 2012!