Monday, January 30, 2012

A new day

In the five minutes or so that I was able to see my children this morning, Emily ran up to me with Little Lion in one hand. She was pointing at his face and because of the normal noise level of our house, I was only able to make out a few words - specifically, Little Lion and throw up. "Oh, did Little Lion throw up? Is he feeling better?" Because sometimes buddies get sick.

"NO! Little Lion's face smells like throw up!"

"Well, okay. I'll talk to Grammy and she can put him in the wash today."


"Well. Um. I don't really know what to tell you then."

I'm working on a post regarding our weekend but, well, you know how those things go.

We still have three children who are not 100%. Allie is on our Concerned list right now because she continues to wheeze and have coughing fits in spite of the inhaler.

The most frequently asked question from new parents of multiples is when does it get easier? There are usually two responses: a specific age related to a specific difficulty (for example: "At 6 months, I was finally able to schedule feedings") or the anthem of parents everywhere ("It doesn't get easier. It just changes.") I tend to agree with both of these and fall in the middle. It is certainly easier now than it was four years ago but it is still very difficult.

We plan to return to Disney this year and I have started harassing Rich with dates, quotes, options, etc. The girls and I have been discussing outfits and costumes because you better believe that they are going to have custom everything for this trip. Rich tells me that I am obsessed. And, yes, I am. There have been a few very crummy incidents (unblogable) over the past few months and I need something to be excited about. Plus, I am going to need months and month and months of time in order to sew all of these clothes.

Because I am now a Disney travel expert, I may share some tips and planning advice here even though it may be like talking to myself.

Oh, and by the way, I am done with winter. DONE.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

"Very crummy incidents - unblog-able"...HA! I understand!

Souza Sisters said...

I hope everyone is feeling 100% soon!! I'm with you about winter... I know we have been pretty lucky here in the NE (not a lot of snow and pretty decent temps) but I can't wait for spring and summer! My kids hate being inside... I can't wait to hear any tips and your plans for Disney! I keep bugging my DH about dates and specifics for our trip this year. I love planning our Disney vacations :)

Momma Z said...

I'm totally interested in Disney information for young kids. I'm going with my son next year, he will be 4.5 yrs old at the time. Any ride information would be great. We are looking at just the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Park.

Elizabeth said...

Would love Disney tips from a mom of triplets! And I totally understand the custom outfits. That is a must! hope all the girls are feeling better soon!

Ami said...

Oh goody! I hope that Disney post comes soon...we're taking our trio there for their 3rd birthday....on March 23. :) No pressure :)

Katie said...

My son has asthma. Has your doctor recommended a nebulizer for at home times like this? It was so very nice to have something a bit stronger than the inhaler for my son when he had the cough/cold situations. He's 16 now, and we haven't needed any asthmas meds in about 2 years, but I still keep our nebulizer in the closet.

KimB said...

Don't try to do too much - you're only one woman.

Chantel said...

We are going to Disneyland in September and I CANNOT wait. Lifelong dream to take kids to Disney, I get to see my friend in L.A. too, and my parents will fly in for a day or two. September. So far away, I spend far too long on planning it already :) So, plan away, I will be reading! One day we will take them to WDW as well so I need as much info as I can ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone! I was going to start with some Disney planning posts but I have an idea for another post I'll do first.

Ami - You are going at a great time. The new Dumbo ride is going to open on 3/12 along with some new areas.

Katie - he has never suggested that she use a nebulizer.

Helen said...

Aw, feel better girls!

I love (and am jealous) that you're going to Disney again! We started a Disney fund last month :)