Friday, January 13, 2012

Indenticalness of identicals

The girls each brought home a sealed envelope with their names scrawled across the front from school last week. What I didn't expect to find inside was a growth screening report. I don't recall the school doing this last year and while I don't necessarily think that it is a bad thing, I do find it interesting that the public school system does this.

Back in April, the girls measured within an inch of each other with Anna being the shortest. That trend continued through the summer and ended a few months ago when a noticeable difference in height became obvious.

I do admit to slightly panicking (yes, I tend to overreact) when I opened the envelopes and saw their BMI percentages for their age. All I could think of was when Anna was marked with "failure to thrive" and Em was considered borderline. As I read through the information on the sheet, I realized that the girls fell within the normal/healthy range, which is between the 5th and 85th percentile for their age and gender.

Allie - 38.125"
Anna - 36.875"
Emily - 38.125"

Allie - 30.0 lbs
Anna - 28.6 lbs
Emily - 28.4 lbs

BMI for age
Allie - 14.5
Anna - 14.8
Emily - 13.8

For reference, Anna was 35.5" at the end of April and almost exactly 36" at the end of August so she is definitely growing. I am almost 5'4" (and my mom is even shorter than I am) and I grew 2 of those inches in college so if genetics has its way, the girls will be shopping with me in the petite section of the store.


Esther and Brian said...

great news on their growth! you know, a lot of kids are late-bloomers. i suspect my boys to be, too. one of my hubby's cousins was 5"4 when finishing high school and by the end of college, he stood at 6"4! True story.
But I still get a kick out of how little the girlies are! I mean, they are in PERFECT proportion for their height and look wonderful. But they are the size of my 3-year old boys, who are considered teenie for their age!
Are the girls the smallest in their classes, like us? We are the thinnest for sure and about 2-3 inches shorter than most-especially the girls!

Sarah said...

Wow - he really was a late bloomer. Yes, the girls are the smallest in their classes. There are some other students on the small size but they are definitely the smallest.