Thursday, December 1, 2011

My super awesome photo idea

A very long time ago, when I was in my twenties (yes, it was emotionally painful to type that out), my mom and I spent a week vacationing and visiting my brother who lives in San Diego. One morning, we checked out a photography exhibit in Balboa Park. (Someone is going to comment that there is nowhere in Balboa Park to view any exhibits but that's what I remember. It was in a small building.) In any case, there was one series of photos that really stood out.

The photos were of three sisters, presumably the photographer's daughters, taken from childhood to adulthood. Each photo captured the girls in the same pose each year, which enabled those viewing the photos to see time progress right in front of us.

Now, this isn't a new concept. Right? How many of you out there have taken monthly pictures of your babies in the same chair or with the same teddy bear? I utilized this concept when I photographed the girls each month in front of the same door last year. Something they refused to participate in this year, by the way.

So really long story short, if I was a photographer, I would sell the idea of family photographs taken on the front steps/porch of your house every year on the same day (or close to the same day.) How about your wedding anniversary? I wish that I had thought of this seven years ago when Rich and I were newly married. Was that seven years ago? Well, I wish I had been a photographer back then too.

A few weeks ago, I decided that instead of wasting more time, I would act on my idea starting with Thanksgiving Day 2011. But first, I needed to figure out how to use a remote with my camera. Okay, so it's not that difficult but mine is a bit uncooperative in that it will fire off fine but once I arrange everyone, it decides to not work and then I have to run over and press buttons on the camera.


(Technically, a horrible photograph. But funny.)

After we were dressed on Thanksgiving Day, I made the mistake of telling the girls that we would be taking pictures outside. I was still trying to get ready myself and then I had to set up the tripod and the camera. They immediately (surprisingly) grabbed shoes and coats and kept asking when we were going to go outside. This left me scrambling and sweating to set up before the excitement wore off.

Test shot.


I just love how Allie and Anna are pounding on the door to be let out.

So here's the best one. Anna insisted on wearing silly sunglasses and I didn't realize that she had decided to pull her dress up and flash everyone.


And one of the girls alone.


Next project = close-up family photos, as unposed as possible....


R~ said...

You have such darling girls and your posts are fun to read...

... but stop picking apart your photos. You tell us how horrible they are and yet we'd never know it if you didn't point it out. You do it in almost all of your posts. You're a great photographer, but your comments discount your entire post.

Your blog is lovely. We're all our own worst critics.


Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :) (I was sent here by Melissa from 'The Blind Ones'!

Sarah said...

R - Thank you and point taken. I do that b/c it drives ME insane when I'm reading a blog post of someone who has good photography and there are some technically not so great pics there and they don't throw out - hey, these aren't the greatest but I'm posting them anyway - kind of message b/c then I have to wonder if they realize what is wrong with them. People come here for photo tips, etc and I wanted them to realize that this is a 'blog' photo not a 'photography' photo - if that makes sense.

Heather - I'm at work and can't email you now. my email is thegreatumbrellaheist at yahoo dot com.

BreezieGirl said...

Sarah, love this one!

I've tried to get photos of my little cousins for my older cousin in roughly the same pose/around the same time of year each year for her.

I work in Balboa Park and we do have a Museum of Photographic Arts which is in a smaller building (my dream would be to work there, but I work in one of the other Museums). Your memory isn't tricking you!

Mary said...

I have used the front of our house as a background for our first day of school pictures. We have photos from kindergarten through senior in high school. (as they get older it got harder to do this, but I begged & pleaded, and the funny part was by senior year it was done willingly) The same house but little changes to it through out the years.

Only if there happen to be fresh snow, and the front was decorated for the holiday season, we would all go outside for the annual holiday card photo. Some years the snow would come before the decorations, and I would just add a wreath to the door.

I enjoy everything about your blog.

R~ said...

It's true that some people don't realize they are using bad photos. Even your "bad" photos are great... I enjoy your posts and your stories!

Happy Holidays to you and your darling family.