Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A conversation with Allie

Bedtime. We are alone in her room, cuddling.

Allie (playing with the birthstone charms on my mother's necklace): "Which one is mine?"

Me (holding out the first clear crystal charm): "This one."

Allie: "Awww. I want the purple one."

Me (purposely not telling her that it is pink, not purple, because I know that she will insist that it is purple): "That's your sister's."

Allie: "Is it Abbey's?"

Me: "Yes."

Allie: "Was she in our family when we were babies?"

Me: "No, sweetie. She was in heaven."

Allie: "When did she die?"

Me: "When she was a baby."

Allie: "What did she look like?"

Me: "She looked like you, sweetie."

Allie: "Mommy, why are your eyes wet?"

Allie: "I love you, Mommy."

Allie: "Why are you crying?."

Hugs and kisses.


Angela said...

This conversation made me cry, too. The innocence of children is so beautiful. I hope that, even though this moment was tinged with sadness, you'll treasure this forever!


Hope's Mama said...

How my heart hurt reading this. I know I have these moments to "look forward to" in life.

Melissa said...

Brings tears to my eyes. Big hugs to you.

Tracy said...

When I say this brought tears, I say it with all sincerity. This somehow shed new light on your loss for me. Loving thoughts, Tracy

Heather said...

You would have to be heartless for this to NOT bring tears to your eyes.

Cindy said...

thank you for sharing that moment. It brought tears to my eyes as well and tugged at my heart.

3littlerascals said...

my eyes are wet... my little brother died when i was 4. i have no idea how my mom coped with 2 little girls with endless questions.