Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mommy Week: I'm a dance mom

Well. Not really. I just couldn't come up with a better title.

(And yes, I know that it is New Year's Eve but we have no big plans here so I'm posting as I normally would. I have some thoughts swimming around in my mind regarding the new year but I haven't pulled them all together yet.)

There were a few reasons why I decided upon the week before Christmas as vacation instead of the week between Christmas and the New Year holiday. One of those reasons was that the girls still had school and activities scheduled for the week before Christmas and they are always asking when and if I can bring them to school and their activities. You should have seen how big their smiles were when the teachers led them out of the school to meet me in the car line. It was pure joy.

On Day Two of Mommy Week, I was able to bring the girls to their dance (tap and ballet) class. There are only four other girls in their class and all the girls are super close in age so their abilities are about the same. There is no shining star and even Anna manages to hold her own. Unfortunately for me, I had to view them through the one way mirror in the waiting area, which means I couldn't be the super annoying mom with the nice camera. (Don't you worry though. My opportunity to play that role took place later in the week at gymnastics.) Although, I did request and received permission to snap off a few photos before class started.



I like the other moms at dance. (As does Grammy.) They are all really nice and there is none of that Dance Mom stuff going on there. I cannot wait for the girls' dance recital at the end of the school year as it promises to be adorable and impressive (and funny.)

After lunch, the girls and I made the promised trip to Target to purchase Christmas presents and Emily's fuzzy pajamas. It's funny because these types of shopping trips are definitely doable now that the girls are older. Yes, my brain can become a bit cloudy and I do (more often than not) forget to buy something that was on my mental shopping list but I can still remember when the girls were babies and I wouldn't even attempt a shopping trip like that alone.

Shortly after Rich arrived home from work, I returned to Target alone to finish up my Christmas shopping for the girls. All in all, the girls and I had a good day together. Any of my free time was spent writing out and addressing Christmas cards, which left no time to clean and purge.


WOW! We were gone for most of the day (and Rich and I only own non-smart phones) and when I checked TBB this afternoon, I was close to #1 but not there. I just checked a few minutes ago as I was finishing up this post and I'm #1! Thank you all for your votes. I'm sure I'll be back to #2 tomorrow and I don't even know why I need to be #1 but it's a good feeling even if just for a few hours.

Happy New Year!!!

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Alexandra Rose said...

Congratulations. You deserve it with your lovely blog and your lovely girls.
Happy New Year.