Thursday, December 22, 2011

Making lists

Purchasing Christmas presents for the girls this year was somewhat easy with respect to what to buy. Finding time to sneak out of the house by myself was the difficult part. The girls basically want anything and everything. There are a few items, such as scooters, that have been mentioned over and over.

They also seem very interested in and have asked for American Girl Dolls but they don't really play with the dolls that they have now so I went with the Target knock-offs. The girls have been calling any and all 18" dolls "American Girl Dolls" so I think I'm safe for now. When they are older and know the difference and really, really, really want one, then they can really, really, really have one but for now, we'll go with the knock-offs.

We made good use out of all the toy ads that flooded our mailbox and gave them to the girls to cut out pictures of toys that they liked. They then glued the pictures onto paper to make lists. Em is probably the best out of all three with the scissors. Anna is still working on it but has made a lot of progress.

I had to smile a few weekends ago when all three were cutting and crafting their lists. I was in the other room and could tell that Anna was upset with something that she had cut. Em comforted her with, "Don't worry, Anna. You are still learning." And then Allie added, "Yeah, that's what preschool is for."

Here is Em crafting one of her many lists.



And some random photos of Em because she was cooperating.



Now I need to wrap a million presents...


Amber said...

Your photos are always so beautiful.

I am sure they will love their American Girl knock offs.

Beth said...

I wanted one of those American Girl dolls when I was older! When I was little it was all about the Lee Middleton Dolls, I still have that thing too.

Tina said...

What are the American Girl knock offs called? Can I find them on the Target website? I really love those dolls but like you, can't justify spending the money when I'm not so sure they will be played with!

Absolutely love the Allie and Em trying to encourage Anna. How incredibly sweet. It sounds truly amazing for you to witness your girls grow up and love on each other... what a remarkable bond! My daughters are 22 months and almost 5 years old, and their relationship totally blows me away at times; I can only imagine what it is like to witness your lovely girls together!

Katie said...

I absolutely love hearing how your girls interact. They are precious!

Merry Christmas!!


Cindy said...

How sweet are your girls encouraging each other. So beautiful to witness when that happens.
I love the idea of cutting out pictures to make wish lists. I am definitely doing that next year. Merry Christmas!

bearie1 said...

What a great idea for the Christmas list.

I love American Girl dolls. We recently got an American Girl store in our Mall and I love going over to browse. I'm sure your fine with the Target knock off for now. And, if they decide to do hair and makeup (scissors and marker) it won't be such a big deal. Save the expensive doll for when they are old enough to care for it.

Hope Santa brings you a serger! You certainly deserve it. You are such a good mom.

Merry Christmas to your entire family. Elaine

Wendy said...

That list idea is brilliant. I am so doing this next year.

Sarah said...

Tina - they are called "Our Generation." Years ago, my SIL showed me an American Girl Doll and a Target doll side by side - I'm sure that there are differences but they aren't visible, especially not to a 4 year old.

Ana B said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing you precious little girls' faces :)

rooney said...
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