Friday, December 23, 2011

Dresses and parties

Last weekend was Party Weekend for our little (ha!) family. The festivities began on Friday evening when we attended a first birthday party for the girls' cousin, Charlie, who was visiting from Virginia. I am so happy that the girls have many cousins close in age on both my side of the family and Rich's.






What I absolutely love about those last three pictures is how Allie is holding Patrick's hand.

I almost always use my Speedlight when photographing indoors at night but for these next two, I wanted to use only whatever light was available to keep the mood of the photos.

85mm lens
aperture - f/3.5
ISO - 3200
shutter speed - 1/50



Rich's family is big. Very big. He has 12 siblings and 20+ nieces and nephews. Most of these nieces and nephews are in their twenties or thirties and have families of their own. Each year (usually the weekend before Christmas or the weekend after Christmas), we all gather for the annual family Christmas party, which usually takes place in a rented hall.

Here are the girls with a cousin.


I shortened Anna's dress by three inches in order for her to feel more comfortable. (If dresses are too long, she feels like she is going to trip on it.) I like how bouncy it looks but the loss of length meant a loss of (some) twirliness. I also slightly shortened the shoulder straps, which was a smart move on my part.


Kid group photo fail but posting so that you can see the back of her dress.


Dance party!





And then Santa showed up. Scary, scary Santa.


I volunteered to visit Santa with the girls when it came time for them to collect their gifts. Of course, no one wanted to sit on Santa's lap so I said that I would. Anna burst out crying. Hysterically.


The girls enjoyed two late (for them) nights and we all enjoyed time with family. The festivities continue this weekend!


Vim said...

Oh my! Anna's face (4th pic from the bottom) is extremely cute!

Love the girls dresses!

Anonymous said...

I love how the dresses came out! And how did you get the group shot on the couch?! Nice work :)

Also, you make me want the 85mm

Erin said...

those dresses are adorable! you did a great job!!!

Wendy said...

Oh sweet Anna!! I don't know how you got all the kids on the couch with the 85! I feel like the 50 is even to tight for our little space. You're magical, lady! Merry Christmas Eve <3

Sarah said...

Wendy - the couch shots were taken with the 35 :)

Angela said...

I'm sorry...but I burst out laughing at the photo of Anna being upset about you wanting to sit on Santa's lap. It is SO precious!

Also, I think Anna's dress is my fav! :-) They all look adorable, but Hello Kitty combined with the colors of her dress definitely make for my fav! :-)

Merry belated Christmas!!


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