Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

























Our day was merry and bright. And LOUD. The girls (slightly amazingly) slept until 6:45ish. Although not slightly amazing was the fact that I was in Anna's bed with her for most of the night. After Rich and I fumbled around for socks, warm clothes and glasses, we cathed Anna upstairs and made Allie and Em use the bathroom upstairs. And then the festivities began!

The girls LOVE opening presents and are still at the age where the addiction of ripping apart wrapping paper is hard to break. Walk away from the presents that aren't yours. WALK AWAY!

I'll have to go back and read my blog posts from Christmases past because I expected Christmas this year to be relaxing in the sense that my kids would have a billion new toys to play with and would have be dragged away from all of these new toys to eat and the like. Not so much. First off, all of these new toys are boxed in packages designed by Satan. Next to "Can you open this for me?" the most popular question of the day was "Can we open our presents from the guestis?"

Around 4:00, I finally told Emily that the next time she asked to open a present from the guests, I was going to start throwing the presents away. She obviously knew that I was serious because she turned around 30 seconds later and asked AGAIN.

We hosted brunch in the morning with Rich's sister, brother-in-law, niece and niece's fiance as guests. Or guestis as it is pronounced in our house. My family arrived in the early afternoon and stayed for an early dinner. I'm so happy that the girls have cousins close in age to play with. It made the day so much more fun and exciting for them.

So that was our Christmas in our nutshell. Oh, if you are wondering why there are two close up pictures of Em's eyes, that's because I was testing out my NEW lens. Nikon 105mm f/2.8. Thank you, Santa. (Although, it wasn't really a surprise. Which doesn't matter at all.)


Katie said...

Wow! That's a lot of PINK!! I love it! We definitely have a shortage of pink around here with 3 boys. Your girls are absolutely beautiful. I so love seeing their smiling faces each day.


Cindy said...

That looks like a fabulously fun Christmas day. In my experience, tearing off the wrapping paper and flinging it over the shoulder is just as good as the gift inside the package.

It's odd to me that 3 little girls can make me smile and warm my heart 'almost' as much as my own 3 little girls do. But your lovelies do.

Love the new lens, btw.

Ramatoa said...

Looks like a messy but wonderful morning!
Your girls are adorable and look so happy!

My boys are 9 and they still love ripping off the wrapping paper...

Carla said...

I love the pictures of the eyes. A lens is a great gift. I got a speedlite. :)

Alena said...

Your daughters are really beautiful...And your christmas must have been great for sure...Though pictures show half the truth....

Kim and Matt said...

Looks like an awesome Christmas! Wanted to ask you too - where did you buy your stockings? Or did you make them? They are beautiful and exactly what I've been looking for for our family.
Love reading your blog every day!

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

The 105mm 2.8 is the next lens on my list. Need to get before my workshop in March.