Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What to wear to a baby shower.

For four year olds, by four year olds. Because, really, who cares what I wear.

Each and every night, the girls insist on choosing their clothes for the next day. We started this little routine for the nights before a school day to save some of Grammy's sanity but now, deciding upon outfits has to be completed each and every night before bed. Even on the weekends. So a few Saturday nights ago, when Rich and I arrived home from Family Game Night, Jen, who babysat, informed me that Allie and Anna had already selected their outfits for the baby shower we would be attending the next morning.


Okay, I gave up on my children wearing what I want them to wear a long time ago. But this was a BABY SHOWER and I wanted them to look adorable.

And, yes, they were invited to the baby shower for their cousin who is expecting twin girls. It was a tiny bit stressful for me only in that I wasn't feeling the greatest and let's face it, caring for, feeding and entertaining three four year olds at a baby shower isn't exactly EASY. But the girls were very well behaved, Jen was there to assist and I survived. I was even able to eat almost all of my food.

I know, I know. The outfits. Emily has actually been working with me when it comes to her outfit selections. I hope this trend continues because look at how stinking cute that pink dress and leopard print shoes are.


Allie, who was trying to tell Em a secret and not coughing in her face, wanted to wear her purple dress. She wasn't too keen on having me as a fashion consultant and insisted on wearing those red shoes.

Best "Let me tell you a secret" picture ever.


And where was Anna during all of this?

  1. She refused to be photographed. You should have seen the dirty look she gave me after the flash fired for that picture.
  2. She insisted on wearing that outfit. At least the pink matches the pink in her shirt. (The girls are finally wearing pants, which is great for cold days and playing outside.)
  3. The placement of her headband reminds me of 1985.


Never a dull moment...

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~Jess said...

However they dress, they're always stinkin' cute!

Sarah said...

Quite the fashionistas!

Melissa said...

Oh how I love Anna! :-)

Miss Megan said...

They are adorable! And so different in their wardrobe choices! Cute cute cute!

Nadine said...

The "Let me tell you a secret" picture is too cute for words!

Just the Tip said...

aww adorable! I have a hard time when Peyton doesn't want to wear what I want her to wear lol. I can only imagine how bad it's going to get as she gets older.
Love the picture where you can only see Anna's headband!

JEN said...

Love the knee socks! Need to get home. Anna wore the headband to the shower? You rock it girl!

TanyaMom23 said...

They are just the cutest little things, whatever they are wearing. Those pics of Anna will be so much fun to look at one day, I just love the one of her little head hiding behind the napkin!

Oh and you are less than 300 votes away from first... I am determined to see you get 1st place... I HOPE EVERYONE IS VOTING!!!!!!!! I have read all of the other top blogs listed yours is definitely the best!

Heather said...

While Em's may be the most fashionably correct outfit, they are all just too cute for words. Even Miss-1985-Headband! Love it.

pyjammy pam said...

love! ha ha! so cute!

Miss Rachel said...

First, ditto to TanyaMom23 - let's make this happen!

Second, the girls are always adorable, no matter what they wear, but Emily looks BEAUTIFUL in that first picture!

Wendy said...

haha! Nice. I love Em's knee socks. I wish I could find them for M&L :)

Lily said...

such a cute post!!