Sunday, November 27, 2011

That creepy old guy

Rich and I hadn't planned on a visit with Santa excursion for this holiday season for several reasons. After the girls' reaction to him during our trip to Santa's Village in August, we pretty much knew how they felt about the big guy. Although Emily had shown some interest and was the one who insisted that we return to Santa's house for one more quick chat before we left.

The week before Thanksgiving, I learned from one of my online MoM (mother of multiples) friends that the Bass Pro Shops at Patriot Place had a nice Santa set-up. We had never been over there so we decided to check it out. Plus, we had heard that the store itself was a sight seeing adventure for little ones.

Emily showing off her new hairstyle before we left the house. This one is called "like the girl in the American Girl catalog."


Instead of having one long, out of control line, the store was handing out time passes. So you would line up at the time indicated on your pass. We arrived at the store a bit past two in the afternoon to discover that the earliest time for passes was 4:30. As Rich asked the woman with the passes about the time, she handed him a pass and said, "It's your lucky day. Someone just turned in this pass for 2:30." Thankyouvermuch. Especially since we didn't actually see Santa until 3:00.



Emmy and Daddy, who was perfecting the art of napping while standing.


Can I get a picture of the three of you in front of these trees? Okay... over here. No, can you stand... Can you turn... Can you look... Oh, just forget it!


As predicted, the girls wanted nothing to do with Santa.


I just love my antlers. (The picture was a freebie.)

If I step into the girls' minds, I can understand why the whole Santa thing is a little scary. Here's this old guy asking you if you like dollies and if you've been nice. And then he's going to come into your house while you're sleeping. It's a little bit creepy.

The girls were not impressed with the Bass Pro Shops. Maybe if they were boys, they would have liked it. All they wanted to do was eat so we left and found an ice cream place.






And then we checked out Old Navy, where the girls scored holiday Hello Kitty tees. It was a busy afternoon and yet, the girls didn't want to go home. They kept asking us if we could do something else.

A few days after meeting Santa, the girls and Rich were having a conversation about Santa and telling him what they want for Christmas. Allie said, "Maybe we could go see a different Santa. One that is nicer and doesn't wear glasses."



kdliberty said...

Good point about Santa. He does almost soung like creepy old guy. I see there sense of what actually matches is getting a little better...

Cindy said...

Love the hair and the name of the style. We have that going on at our house too. And heaven help the parent that doesn't know what the long crazy made-up name is of the hairstyle or the game or the character...massive meltdown ensues.
Oh, and Sara, you look awesome in that shot, antlers and all. You are one hot momma :)

Sarah said...

Growing up, the Bass Pro Santa was always the best, but I can see how he would scare the kiddos. My boys were intrigued by the big, fuzzy man, by DD screamed when she had to sit on his lap alone.

Lily said...

Love the hairdo! I think it's a rite of passages for little girls to ask for the "hairdo in the American Girl catalog".

T.J. said...

I'm lovin Emily's outfit lol Too cute!