Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pedi report


Well, I'm glad we made the parenting decision to have Allie and Em visit the pediatrician today and not play the "wait and see what happens in a few days" game. Allie has a rattle in her lungs so she has been prescribed a stronger antibiotic (a Z pack for babies) and needs to puff off of her inhaler once or twice a day (as needed.)

She felt well enough to stretch out with Sprout last night.


By the way, the girls are fascinated with the inhaler. Everyone wants to watch Allie use it, which causes her to giggle.


Emily was diagnosed with a common cold. We set up a cool mist humidifier in her room last night. She proceeded to complain that it was too noisy.

And what about Anna? Well, Anna is almost completely cold free (we did not have the doctor exam her) and decided to wear sunglasses to school today. Rich dropped the girls off at the school this morning so Grammy had a good laugh when the teacher walked Anna out to the car. Anna is also in her "don't take any pictures of me" phase so the sunglasses are being modeled by Miss Emily.


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