Monday, November 14, 2011

Mini weekend recap

Sunday night. (Here's the post that I started last night after the girls were in bed and I had eaten dinner:)

Allie's cough has returned. She has a wicked runny nose so definitely in the cold category this round. I hope she feels better soon. Her little face is all red and chapped.

We are currently experiencing a major shift in the girls' sleeping habits. Allie and Em, for the most part, have been sleeping in their own beds all night. When Em does come in, I can carry her back to her own bed and she stays there without any tears. They are actually proud when they stay in their own beds all night. And we haven't even been bribing them!

Anna is hit or miss. She can make it through three nights sleeping on her own and then spend the next three nights insisting that I co-sleep.

Jen, the girls' awesome cousin, babysat for us Saturday night so that Rich and I could attend Family Game Night (with dinner) at his sister's house. The girls absolutely LOVE Jen. They were so incredibly excited that she was there and didn't even care that we were leaving. I was on Day 3 of stomach problems so I wasn't able to really enjoy the chicken parm and yummy desserts. I think I'm having ulcer issues again. Yes, stress related.

The girls slept in their beds all night Saturday night, I think, in part, due to the fact that they thought that we weren't home. Around 6:30 Sunday morning, I could hear two of them whispering in the hall. I sat up in bed and loudly whispered, "Get in here. Don't wake anyone up. Get in here." Of course, this wakes up Rich who wants to know who I'm talking to because the hall whisperers had returned to their bedrooms.

Within 10 minutes, they were all in our room and confirmed that Anna had visited (or awakened) Allie and Em and then returned to her own room because she thought that we were still out.

Monday morning...

Right after I wrote the above, Allie woke up coughing and coughing and moaning. Her cough sounds so much worse. We set up a cool mist humidifier in her room and she slept through the night but she really needs to see her pedi sooner rather than later.

Em has a cough as well. Although, not nearly as bad as Allie's. She appeared at my bedside around 1:00 (or maybe it was 2:00) this morning saying that she had had a bad dream. I carried her back to her bed, snuggled for a minute and asked her to be a big girl for me and go back to sleep. She started whimpering and asked me to stay with her for a "little bit of minutes" because she wasn't "comfy" staying by herself.

I ended up playing musical beds with her and Anna.

In other exciting news, I decided to sew the girls feliz dresses for the big family Christmas party and Christmas day. I found time this weekend to trace the pattern in the correct size while remembering to add in the seam allowance. Like I said, exciting stuff. Allie is very easy and agreeable when it comes to choosing fabric so her dress will be first.

I have also been working on a photography post to help those of you who want to learn to use your camera in manual. (I know I promised this months ago.) I started working on it a few weeks ago but I have to wait for the weekends in order to take example pictures because it is now pitch black by the time I arrive home at night.

AND I almost fell off of my chair when I checked my status at Top Baby Blogs yesterday afternoon. THANK YOU!!


ms.composure said...

wow..sounds like there is never a dull moment in your house!!!

Karla said...

It's nice to see that you can balance your life at home. Really admirable. I try to do the same too and document as much as I can. I take pictures like you all the time too and upload it on a site called I don't want to miss or forget anything!

Sarah said...

Karla - do you make $ for every hit to

Beth said...

Okay nursing student in microbiology here! Just so you know, if you don't already of course, ulcers are caused by a bacteria (pretty recent discovery), so you should see a doctor to get some antibiotics and get rid it!