Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011







  1. The girls were dressed (including coats and shoes) and ready to go before the adults. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.
  2. Because I was unable to take any good pictures of the girls in their costumes, I'll have to tell you what they were. We had Ariel, Minnie Mouse and an autumn fairy.
  3. It was interesting to discover that a handful of neighbors had opted to leave bowls of candy out on their front steps for trick or treaters. Several surrounding towns postponed trick or treating due to power outages and we had folks park on our street to take advantage of our family friendly neighborhood. I wonder how long those free-for-all candy bowls lasted.
  4. The girls had an absolute blast trick or treating. Equally fun and entertaining was handing out candy and checking out costumes.
  5. I realized how much I love my camera. There wasn't much light when we began trick or treating and as you can see, I was able to bump up my ISO and take pictures without needing a flash.


Just the Tip said...

Super cute!
I love that they are all something different.

We didn't do outdoor trick or treating this year, it was fairly cold here that night (VA). We took the girls to an indoor thing the day before.

They look like they had fun!

Jessica said...

I love how they all are so different yet the same! We're looking for a camera right now and I keep comparing all of them to yours! I hope I can come to a decision before our little one arrives!

Amber Ellen said...

Really cute! I love their smiling faces. This was the first Halloween that my preschooler was really into. So fun!

Kelly-Marie said...

Your girls are gorgeous ! .. Feeling a bit sorry for the only man in the house though ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone!