Thursday, November 3, 2011


So, yes, I did finish sewing Allie's Halloween skirt before Halloween.


It was supposed to be ruffled but my measurements weren't quite right so I remade it into a super twirl skirt. Yeah, super twirl. Here's what it looks like plopped down on the floor.


You don't even want to know how long that bottom layer was unruffled. Allie loves it and it is long enough to be worn next year. (And maybe even the year after.)

And it took a year but the girls' names are finally on the walls in their rooms. Allie's middle name is Hope and I love how this turned out.


(Please excuse the ceiling fan light reflecting off of the letters.)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the super twirl skirt! Great job Sarah!

Alice said...

Alicenne Hope looks great!!! That's the type of timeless room decoration Allie can have until she goes to college! Nice job!

Skirt is precious as well!

Just the Tip said...

What did you hang the letters with? I just redid Peytons' (and made Morgan's) but I haven't hung them yet. I'm debating on what to use to make them stick, and i'd love to know what you used since they look nice and stuck!)

Cute skirt!!

JEN said...

Love the skirt! Love the letters!

Tracy said...

OOOPPPHHHH,,,,, I'm just soooo jealous you can sew like that and create such adorable clothing!!!! The letters look fabulous as well.... the talent never ceases!!

Sarah said...

Love the skirt!

Rich said...

Just the Tip - since I am the one that hung the letters, I can tell you we used two-sided 3M (I think) tape we purchased at Target. It is specific to hanging frames, etc. and is found with the other wall hanging hooks, etc. It is awesome - saves your walls!


Angela said...

LOVE the skirt! I bet she'll have fun twirling in it this year and the next!

I'd love it if you'd participate!


Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone. And thanks to Rich for responding (and hanging the letters.)

Angela - I'll try!

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Amanda said...

Wow what an amazing skirt, I have never thought of making a Halloween outfit for my grand children.