Saturday, November 5, 2011

1 on 1 time


Allie and I embarked on a mother-daughter (ONE daughter) shopping trip this afternoon to the fabric store. Unfortunately, there is always some drama surrounding these outings. Apparently, Allie told Emily that we were going to Target and that I was going to allow her to pick out a toy. She must have imagined that little scenario to the point that it became reality in her mind because I specifically told her last night that we would be going to the fabric store. Not Target.

I was unaware of that conversation when I told Allie to get ready to go, which left Emily in tears. So then Rich had to convince Emily and Anna to go with him to BJ's (or PJ's). He did promise to buy them something as long as it was an activity/coloring book. No toys until Santa visits.


Allie and I had a nice conversation during our drive. She picked out her favorite character from each princess movie and then I had to tell her my favorites. We talked about school and her friends. She misses her boyfriend, Adam, who is attending preschool in his hometown this year. Allie says that she is still looking for a new boyfriend and that he needs to be "really cute."


Allie was well behaved in the store but did tell me that shopping was really hard on her. And if she had her way, I would have purchased half of the fabric in the store.


Because fabrics were on sale and I had a coupon, I decided to stock up. Plus, there are no fabric stores close enough for a quick trip so I try to keep a nice stash of supplies at home.


So many projects, so little time. Although, I do gain an hour this weekend. I wonder what time the girls will be up tomorrow morning....


B said...

Love the wavy hair Allie is sporting. Happy sewing.

Just the Tip said...

Ohh i love the fabric on the bottom, so cute!
Also her hair is super cute when it's wavy!

Julia said...

I don't sew, but the pictures of the store made me want to! Fabric stores here are no fun, you only have big rolls that the assistant brings to you at the counter, no self-serving.

Must feel great to be able to talk without interruptions. My girls are starting to yell all the time, trying to keep on top of each other.

Hope's Mama said...

I loved this post. These little outings must be so much fun for you and the daughter in question.

Brittany Hoggard said...

I adore your pictures! Your girls are so precious! And that fabric = <3!

Brittany Hoggard said...

I adore your pictures! Your girls are so precious! And that fabric = <3!