Monday, October 3, 2011

Small steps: a weekend recap

My big plans for Saturday included sewing a Halloween skirt for Anna along with general cleaning and clearing out my closet and bureaus of unworn, ill fitting garments. And I can't forget about the laundry. There is always something awaiting its turn to be thrown into the washing machine.

I also have several tote-thingies occupying prime space in the basement full of pre-pregnancy clothes I didn't want to give up on. I am now letting go. These clothes were purchased at some point prior to my pregnancy with Abigail which was six years ago. I know there are some items that are at least ten years old. With the girls approaching their four and a half year birthday, I have convinced myself that if it doesn't fit now, it won't fit. I have been lucky enough to pull many items from the bins that do fit and now I'm ready to say good-bye to the rest. Without a tummy tuck and my original ribcage, it is pointless to hold on.

Brownie baking with Daddy...





In an effort to push through and finish his MBA program as soon as humanly possible, Rich is currently enrolled in three classes. Last weekend, I took the girls on a 3+ hour shopping excursion so that he could study. This Saturday, I just did not have the energy so I brought the girls outside to play while Rich studied inside. Because of the wet weather, we decided to ride bikes, trikes and crazy coupes. Yes, we still call them crazy coupes.


There is a family two houses down from us with three boys - 5, 7 and 8. (Yes, life eight years from now is a scary, scary thought.) The boys have wandered over in the past while we've been out but the girls have mostly ignored them because they don't like boys. Well, that changed. The next thing I know, the older boys were giving Allie's bike a little push when she needed one or showing the girls how to really play hopscotch or nicely pushing them in the crazy coupes.

And the girls were loving it. And talking to boys. GAH!

On our way into the house after playtime, I witnessed Anna walking up the front porch steps all by herself! There is no railing and she has to make it up two steps all on her own before she can reach a support column to steady herself. Her legs were a little wobbly but she did it. She continues to gain muscle strength, which is very, very good.

Honey Bear was sick this weekend and threw up a couple of times.


I did finish Anna's skirt but she refuses to wear it because she wanted a dress from that fabric, not a skirt. The problem is that Anna was with me at the fabric store and picked out that fabric for a skirt, which is why I only purchased 3/4ths of a yard. The girls each have several Halloween type shirts which is why I am sewing them skirts, not dresses. Dresses were never mentioned so I have no idea how this happened.

(Sewing took a bit more time than usual as I decided to photograph the steps for an upcoming tutorial.)


I was a bit upset by the whole thing because Anna always seems to draw the short stick when it comes to clothes. Allie and Em pounce on things before Anna has a chance. I wanted to sew something fun for her. Tonight, Anna pulled the Tink skirt from the closet to wear tomorrow and Allie said that it was okay. I hadn't made it specifically for Allie. She just kind of took it over. It makes me happy to see her sharing and Anna smiling.

Sometimes we don't brush our hair.


Rich and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary on Sunday. And while it would have been nice to go away sans kiddos for the weekend, that is just not possible for us right now. My sister-in-law, Joan, came over for a few hours to watch the girls after their swim lesson while Rich and I went to brunch and Home Depot. Emily's closet project is in full swing hence the trip to HD.


The girls were so excited for Auntie Joan's visit.



So I barely made a dent in cleaning out my clothes. There's always next weekend. (The thought of it actually frightens me because there's so much to do.)

And I'm sure that there's a typo in this post somewhere.


Alice said...

poor honey bear! hope he makes a speedy recovery! your girls are so cute and the cutie in red baking brownies (anna?) is such a little lady!

bearie1 said...

The skirt is darling. Hope Anna changes her mind about it. I chuckled when you mentioned cleaning out clothes. That's what I did all day today. I got rid of bags of clothes and sadly still have lots left. Have a good week. Elaine

JEN said...

love the skirt!
THeir hair is getting so long, I love it. I have hope that soon my daughter will have hair of some length.